Tony Blair Decrees: Hyper-inflate
June 15, 2012 • 11:31AM

Tony Blair, adviser to Obama, issued his decrees for what Germany and the Eurozone nations must now do amidst turmoil, in an interview with the Financial Times of London, done earlier this week, while he was in Jerusalem. Blair called for a deal between Germany and the others of Europe, to save the euro, and the bankrupt imperial system, by killing the people. In his terminology, a "grand bargain" between Germany and the others of Europe, must be struck, in order to rescue the "single currency," by taking actions to pool the European debt, speak of growth, and impose deficit-reduction through pension and welfare "reforms."

Blair stressed, "I have no doubt that the single currency makes sense." He said of Germany, as quoted in today's edition of the FT, by Lionel Barber: "Mr. Blair praised Chancellor Angela Merkel for her 'courage' and 'steadfastness' during the crisis, but Germany now had to make 'an unequivocal commitment to stand behind the single currency' and be ready to inflate its economy. In return, the rest of Europe had to give credible commitments to rein in deficits."