London Prepares for the Next Syrian Massacre, Still Trying to Bluff Moscow Into Backing Down
June 18, 2012 • 8:05AM

The UN Security Council will meet Tuesday, June 19, to hear a report from Gen. Mood, commander of the UN monitors in Syria, and the Saudi- and London-controlled Syrian National Council has forecast another massacre (this time near Homs); a safe bet, since a "massacre" has preceded every important Security Council meeting. As first-hand reports have shown, some of these massacres were actually perpetrated by the so-called Syrian "rebels" against government supporters, or Alawites or Christians. The murderers would then make Internet videos of their victims' corpses, and attribute the killings to the Syrian government.

London is hyper-active on the Syria dossier. David Cameron met with Jordan's King Abdullah June 16 in London to discuss Syria; it's likely that Tony Blair, who was in Palestine last week, had also met with the monarch on the same issue then. Foreign Minister Hague said Cameron would have "urgent discussions" on Syria with other heads of government at the G20 in Mexico on Monday and Tuesday.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Foreign Minister of the Muslim Brotherhood government of Turkey, called on the 16th for the UN Security Council to take an unnamed "new measure" against Syria.