Greece To Remain Ungovernable
June 19, 2012 • 8:11AM

The victory of the "pro-memorandum" parties in the Greek elections led by the right wing New Democracy will not be able to govern no matter who joins the government. In reality more than 55% of the population voted against the memorandum. The day after the ND forms a government, presumably with the Pasok, it will become the hate object of the entire country.

Euro-area finance ministers in a post-election statement gave their orders to Greece. It must "continued fiscal and structural reforms" and then demanded the "swift formation of a new Greek government that will take ownership of the adjustment program."

While in reality the ND won only 79 seats, because of the absurd election law that gives the "winner" of the election 50 extra seats, the ND has nominally 129 seats of the 300 seats in Parliament. The Pasok vote of 12.5% was even lower than first round, giving it 33 seats, which would give an ND-Pasok government a nominal 162 seats, while in reality, minus the 50 it is a government of 112 seats.

Syriza won 71 seats with 26.89% of the vote compared to ND's 29.66, which, while not a winning plurality, is nonetheless extraordinary given that in previous elections the party was on the so-called fringe, and the subject of an international slander campaign aimed at terrorizing the Greek electorate.

The Independent Greeks, which is just as anti-memorandum as Syriza, won 20 seats. Led by former ND Deputy Panos Kammenos, the party was only formed a few weeks prior to the May 6 elections.

The Democratic Left, which is a swing party between pro-memorandum and anti-memorandum, but with a base leaning towards the latter, won 17 seats. The Communist KKE won 12 seats. These four parties won 121 seats, which is more than the combined 112 seats of the ND and Pasok, minus the 50 bonus seats.

The fascist Golden Dawn, won 18 seats, and while an outright fascist party, it nonetheless cashed in on the anti-memorandum sentiment.

For all his incompetence and treachery, Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos knows that an ND-Pasok government will have no legitimacy in the eyes of the population and would never be able to carry out the orders of the Troika without provoking blood in the streets. He is demanding the Syriza and the Democratic Left drink the kool aid and join a "national government of co- responsibility."

In a nationally televised statement, Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras said his party will not join such a government because Syriza is the core of the popular, anti-memorandum majority. According to Protothema, he underlined that "we shall be present in any developments from the position of the main opposition" and stressed that "everyone must know that the measures of austerity and selling off state property will not be able to move forward because they lack popular legitimacy."

"From Monday onwards, we shall continue the struggle with the belief that the future belongs not to those who are afraid, but to those who bring hope. Greece's new day has already dawned. We shall keep on." Tsipras added.

In a post-election statement to his party, Panos Kammenos, leader of the Independent Greeks slammed Samaris' statement that he would "respect" "forever" the signatures by the Greek government selling out the sovereignty and well-being of the Greek people. Referring to the leader of the Greek Independence movement of 1821, Kammenos wrote, "The only signature that binds us is the one described by Theodoros Kolokotronis who said 'God put His signature on the freedom of Greece' and that is the only signature that is 'forever.'" He called on his supporters to continue the fight against the "memorandum of national humiliation and economic impoverishment of the Greek people, with our only weapons, the power of our soul, our passion for dignity and our desire for a better tomorrow."

Greece is in what Lenin identified in 1917, "a dual power" situation. There are the pro-bailout traitors who continue to listen to their masters in Brussels to do everything to save the euro and the British Empire's Inter-Alpha Group banking system, it was designed to serve. They will control a parliamentary majority which will lose all of its legitimacy on the day after it is formed. The government will continue to be besieged by demonstrations and strikes by the trade unions, civil society groups, and the millions of youth 55% of whom are unemployed.

Therefore the opposition must tell the truth, that it is the euro and European policy that is bankrupt and a danger of the people of Greece and all of Europe. They must make an appeal to the people of Europe that the only policy is a massive financial reform and creation of national credit systems based on a Glass-Steagall reform of separating banking institutions that serve the real economy and those that are responsible for the unpayable, illegitimate speculative debts, including the Greek national debt. Thus credit institutions would be formed to implement a "Program for an Economic Miracle in South Europe, the Mediterranean Region, and Africa."