Argentina at Rio Conference: Defend National Sovereignty, "No" To Green Economy
June 20, 2012 • 3:22PM

Argentine Planning Ministry Undersecretary of Planning & Environmental Policy Silvia Revora told Veintitres magazine today that "we're headed toward a trade war" because of what developed nations are demanding in terms of "green economy," and that behind this very concept "are a variety of different traps." She rejected the idea of some form of "global governance" for environmental policy, as a ploy to pass on the cost of dealing with environmental damage to developing countries. "Our concept of sustainable development implies distribution of wealth, and includes the whole range of social, economic and environmental policies defined by a country. That's why we say 'no' to the imposition of a green economy, and 'yes' to sovereign development, in which we control our resources on the basis of our reality." She warned that several European and other nations want to violate the sovereignty of developing countries, and obstruct their development, through such ruses as imposition of carbon taxes, or demanding that countries certify how much carbon was used in the production of certain goods. This is absurd. We can't compete with this nonsense, and we are hurt by it, she stated.