Linke Party Will Take ESM to Constitutional Court
June 22, 2012 • 10:51AM

Speaking for the Linke party, whose parliamentary group will vote against the ESM, its legal spokesman Wolfgang Neskovic reaffirmed yesterday that his party will file a complaint at the Constitutional Court immediately after the planned Bundestag vote on June 29. The complaint will go together with a request for a temporary injunction aimed at preventing any transfer of German money into the fund, for as long as the case is pending at the court. "German politics must not be determined by outside forces; the sovereignty must not be transferred," Neskovic said.

Klaus-Peter Willsch, anti-bailout dissident in the parliamentary group of the Christian Democrats and member of the budgeting committee, also said yesterday that after the Constitutional Court's ruling on June 19 in favor of the right of Parliament to receive comprehensive information from the government, the timetable for the ESM vote, set for June 29, can not, and should not, be adhered to. The information which is required and needs to be absorbed in order to form an opinion and cast a vote, has not been provided by the government, Willsch said, warning the government that if the timetable is not changed, there will be a profound constitutional crisis. Willsch furthermore called on the President not to sign the ESM law for the time being, voicing his hope that in the main case, the court will rule in favor of the opponents to the ESM.