Dempsey Advocates Full Disclosure of Military Operations
June 23, 2012 • 9:44AM

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey had this to say, at the National Press Club on June 19, in the context of a question regarding the various national security leaks that have poured out of the White House is recent weeks: As far as the use of the military overseas, he said, "I always advocate disclosure and consultation and transparency with the American people because in my view, if it's important—if something is important enough to commit a member of the Armed Forces, who sign up to be—to protect and defend the people of the United States—if it's that important, we ought to acknowledge we're doing it."

Dempsey's comment also came a few days after the White House sent its semi-annual report to Congress on the military operations it's engaged in overseas. The report, which is by the War Powers Act, acknowledged, for the first time, that U.S. military forces are, indeed, engaged in operations in Yemen, though it was woefully short on details.