It All Comes Down to Germany...
June 27, 2012 • 8:06AM

This Thursday, June 28, will occur the 20th EU Summit since early 2012, on the European financial crisis, and the drumroll is now deafening to impose a one-Europe superstate, and fascist trans-Atlantic bail-out, at the cost of nations and populations. The line of resistance to this in Europe is Germany, whose Chancellor Merkel yesterday said 'no' to Europe-wide sharing of debt and bank liabilities. She said that it would be "economically wrong and counter-productive."

The pile-on against Germany is coming from all sides, during intense pre-summit skirmishing. The time has run out for the empire. On the nominal level, Monday, the fifth member of the eurozone officially requested a bail-out — Cyprus.

Last night, a meeting, called on very short notice, took place in Paris between the finance ministers of Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, and the head of the European Commission, hosted by French Economy Minister Pierre Moscovici.

On Wednesday, June 27, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will have a final, summit-eve meeting.

Tuesday, elements were released on the Euro-Super State, demanded by the big four euro-agents: ECB head Mario Draghi, European Commission President Jose Barroso, European Council Pres. Herman Van Rompuy, and Euro-group Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker. The measures they will call for on Thursday, include such standard-issue planks as common debt issuance, fiscal integration, and centralized budget authority.

Another super-state how-to report was issued yesterday, by a panel led by former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and former French minister Jacques Delors, an originating culprit behind the eurozone. Aptly titled, "Completing the Euro," this report likewise has proposals for an all-Europe Treasury authority, euro-bonds, and similar measures.

Cutting through all the B.S., the schemes all amount to a demand that Germany both surrender it sovereignty and bail out the entire eurozone — nothing short of economic and political suicide for Germany, which Lyndon LaRouche described yesterday as the only remaining real economy in all of Europe, given that all the big French banks are hopelessly bankrupt.