Diane Sare Joins Other Former Candidates in Open Letter on Constitutional Issues
June 27, 2012 • 10:04AM

The following open letter was issued on June 26, signed by LaRouche Democrat Diane Sare and two other primary candidates in New Jersey's 5th Congressional District.

To The Voters of New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District, Congressman Scott Garrett, Democratic Party Candidate Adam Gussen, and Green Party Candidate Patricia Alessandrini

As you are aware, the three of us, Bonnie Somer, Diane Sare, and Mark Quick were candidates in the 2012 primary election or previous general election for the Congressional seat representing New Jersey's 5th Congressional District. We ran because we each are passionately concerned for the fate of our nation as the trans-Atlantic financial system comes crashing down around us, and current occupant of the White House, President Barack Obama, grabs for more and more dictatorial power, including launching wars without the consent of the Congress, and most recently using Nixonian tactics to cover up for a DoJ gun-running operation, Fast and Furious, which will hopefully end his administration before the Democratic nominating convention.

Therefore, we would like to know from all of you, for the benefit of the voters, where you stand on certain key matters now before us.

The US Constitution, Article 1 Section 8 clearly spells out the duties of the House of Representatives. Among the items listed are declaring war. It is unconstitutional for the President of the United States to go to war without the consent of the Congress, yet Obama has done so already in the case of Libya, and as has recently been revealed, we are at war in Yemen and Somalia. Do you support Congressman Walter Jones HCR 107 which states that to launch war without the consent of the Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor? If so, Congressman Garrett, why have you not already begun impeachment proceedings against this President?

Article 1 Section 8 also deals with questions of credit and banking. Not only is the Federal Reserve, a private bank, unconstitutional, but the trillions of dollars of bailouts to speculative ventures, including many not even based in the United States, must be stopped. We want to know your position on HR 1489 Return to Prudent Banking Act, which would reinstate the 1933 Glass-Steagall separation of commercial from investment banking. Mr Gussen refused to answer this important question at a Teaneck debate, in spite of the fact that prominent economists planet-wide are in agreement that only a bank separation could allow stability to be restored to the economy which is currently careening out of control with a failure of the Euro expected at virtually any moment.

What we really want you to answer, on behalf of the voters of the Fifth District, and the American people, as it is Federal office for which you are running, is, Why are you qualified to represent us? If you are elected, will you act to put an end to illegal wars, including impeaching the president if necessary? Will you act to stop the criminal bailouts of a failed London and Wall Street swindle by reinstating Glass-Steagall? Please make your views on these matters known, either by responding to this letter directly through the news media, or by holding an open public debate where the citizens can ask you these and other questions.

We await your response.

Mark Quick, former Reform Party Candidate NJ-5, Current Frelinghuysen Republican Committee Chair, Warren County Republican Committee

Diane Sare, LaRouche Democrat, former Democratic Primary Candidate NJ-5

Bonnie Somer, Republican, former Republican Primary Candidate NJ-5

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