Send the Monetarist System Out With Obama

by Rachel Brown, LaRouche National Slate (MA-4)

While all eyes are on Obama, noticing the clearly irrational state of mind behind his recent behavior, look at what else is going on. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker is being deployed by the White House, and the likes of Tony Blair, to campaign against the LaRouche-driven Glass-Steagall movement. Sources have reported Volcker is on a one-man campaign, visiting Congressmen, economists, and regulators in the U.S., Europe, and China, and advising all against adopting Glass-Steagalll, claiming that it would "punish the bankers," while promoting his Volcker Rule instead. This response by the British interests behind Obama to the recent barrage of public discussion around Glass-Steagall, including by former Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig and others, is likely a result of their fear, that the U.S. population will respond to LaRouche's leadership, reject the continued bailout of a hopelessly bankrupt system, and go with Glass-Steagall and F.D.R. policies.

The European crisis has reached the breaking point, as the ability to come up with new means of finding (or creating) money, cannot keep up with the increase of debt, causing hyperinflation. Capital flight is taking place, while each new bailout is increasing the cost of debt to each nation, and the cries for elimination of sovereignty, while loud and desperate, could not even be fulfilled by the time in which the crash must ensue.

Therefore, the monetarist ideas that Volcker, Greenspan, and now Geithner espouse, which led to the destruction of our real economy, must be recognized to be as fraudulent as Obama in representing our nation's interest. Just look at what Paul Volcker did as Fed chairman in the early 80's— putting interest rates at over 20%, which shut down our farming and industry!

However, people are beginning to catch on, and the British interests which lie behind Obama are in an emotional frenzy, and are making mistakes, because they know they could lose.

The current LaRouche-led campaign to impeach Obama, which recognizes that the Republicans have put up no viable alternative, should be seen in that light. We must follow through with the removal of Obama by the time of the Democratic Convention, and bring in what will work: Glass-Steagall and a Hamiltonian credit system. Instead of defending the $2 trillion of still-outstanding gambling debt as Volcker is doing, Glass-Steagall will wipe it off the books of our government, and separate the toxic assets of the gambling sector from the commercial banking system, making it the only way to prevent the hyperinflation now being pushed in Europe. Instead of this bail-and-cut wave of destruction, we must promote the development of our nation's high-technological powers and industry, funded by a federal credit system as Alexander Hamilton created, which encourages the creativity of it's citizenry, and promotes useful activity.

For this necessary program to be achieved, Obama must be removed now. The desperate deployment of Paul Volcker, to counter the momentum of Glass-Steagall, is nothing but a transparent deployment against Glass-Steagall, and should be exposed as such.

LaRouche's proven policies, being fought for by the LaRouche candidates slate in a national, Presidential-style campaign, are ready to go. We must now seize the moment, beginning with the ouster of Obama for his numerous crimes, while recognizing that the real enemy, the British empire behind him, is on the way out too.

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