Tacoma, WA Paper Quotes Christie: "I Have a Competent Program That Will Get Us Out of the Crisis"
July 2, 2012 • 8:15AM

The Sunday Tacoma (Wash.) News Star Tribune ran profiles of all five candidates in the Aug. 7 general primary election for the 9th C.D. seat. Of LaRouche Democrat Dave Christie, it said:

For nine years, Christie, 35, has been a full-time organizer for fringe political activist and eight time presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

As one of five candidates on LaRouchePAC's national slate, Christie advocates for impeaching President Barack Obama for various reasons—from putting America at war without congressional consent, to approving the assassination of foreign leaders.

"If people think we're extreme, I would say that I think Obama is extreme and George W. Bush is extreme," Christie said. "I'm a Democrat. I fought for the impeachment of Dick Cheney, and I don't want Mitt Romney in office. But I also want to get Obama out now, so that we can elect a real candidate at this summer's national convention."

Among other ideas, Christie calls for restoring the federal Glass-Steagall Act to separate investment and commercial banking. He criticizes the Obama administration for opposing a bipartisan measure to restore the act, which he and other supporters contend will improve banking industry oversight and reduce using government financing on speculative projects. Christie casts the linchpin of his campaign—The North American Water and Power Alliance—as a modern-era New Deal that would turn around the economy, create millions of jobs and end the need for hopeless government bailouts.

Known as NAWAPA, the venture—conceived by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950s—would involve hundreds of construction and hydro-electric projects to divert river flows in Alaska and Canada to the United States and Mexico, creating more water sources and electricity.

"I have a competent program that will get us out of this crisis and create 6 million jobs," Christie said. "That's why people should vote for me."

Both Democrats and Republicans are in the primary election. The top two voter-getters will face off in the November election. The seat is currently held by eight-term Democrat Adam Smith.