After Meetings in Russia and Geneva on Syria: Hillary Clinton Warns of Regional War Danger
July 2, 2012 • 8:16AM

While U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented that if the Annan Plan adopted at the Geneva Action Group on Syria doesn't work, there is danger of regional war "in six months," Lyndon LaRouche warned that the danger is immediate and global, not regional. In fact, as EIR and LPAC have been reporting, the regional war has been underway for months and months. One small indicator of this sectarian war spreading is Iraq, where the month of June 2012 had at least 234 Iraqis killed in terrorists attacks, mostly by Al Qaeda and its local affiliates—which are playing a role in the anti-Assad fighting in Syria.

In an interview in Geneva about the just concluded meeting of the Action Group on Syria, Clinton told NPR reporter Michelle Keleman that unless the plan agreed to at the June 30 meeting succeeds, there is a danger of regional war.

"There are so many terrible things about the violence, the loss of life, the destruction," Clinton said, that "it became clear that everyone, including Russia and China, is worried about it spreading...." She added that in her remarks, "I was able to point to Iraq sitting there...Turkey...Lebanon...Jordan...Israel, the countries in the region that are already dealing with the repercussions of violence and instability in Syria...."

"Everyone around that table knew that we could if we didn't act today and get behind that transition plan, could ... in six months [have] a war in the region on our hands destabilizing country after country if we failed...."

Clinton also talked about "those with the guns—whatever side they are," in a rare, and perhaps only occasion where she admitted that killings are being done by the opposition— something that Russia has stressed and insisted upon for the last year. At the same time, Clinton is also quoted saying that Assad will have to leave—comparing his exit to the negotiated ouster of Yemen's president.