Eight Anti-ESM Complaints Filed at German Court, Already
July 2, 2012 • 11:36AM

As of Sunday, the constitutional court of Germany received eight legal challenges against the ESM: two separate ones by the Linke party; two by Bundestag members Peter Danckert (SPD) and Peter Gauweiler (CSU); one by the Mehr Demokratie alliance; another one by the Freie Waehler party and Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider (plus three other anti-euro professors); two by individual citizens not identified.

Apart from Austria and Ireland, where the opposition to the ESM has announced their intent to file complaints at their respective constitutional courts, the heated legal battlefront in Germany is also closely watched by anti-ESM forces in Italy: Lidia Undiemi, a fierce, Sicily-based opponent of the ESM and the bailout policies, has written a statement, entitled: "The defense of Constitutional values starts in Germany: let us join it!". She says that the fight in the EU is not between Germany and Italy or else, but between peoples and the oligarchy. The constitutional challenges in Germany are important because parts of the institutions are thus defending the people. This is not the case in Italy. Therefore, "it is not exaggerated to say that at a national institutional level, the defense of the Italian people against the ESM and Fiscal Compact Treaties is being currently led by German representatives", Undiemi writes.