"Defense of Constitutional Values by Germany: Let's Join Them."
July 3, 2012 • 10:36AM

The following statement was made by Lidia Undiemi of Sicily for Wall Street Italia:

Merkel obtained the authorization to ratify the ESM and Fiscal Compact treaties, but the German people do not agree and are appealing to the Constitutional Court. Apparently about 12,000 appeals have been submitted.

This is the prelude to a historic battle in the defense of the Constitution which will inevitably cross national borders, since a negative ruling by the German Court would also prevent the ESM organization from going into force in the 16 other nations, including Italy.

Thousands of citizens, but also parliamentarians and high-level institutional representatives are coming out against this Europe founded on finance, the reduced rights of the people and power concentration in the hands of a few.

There is no such thing as a "bad" Germany or a "good" Italy. There are centers of interest based on reaching specific objectives which cannot be explained via a superficial territorial selection. The defense of their Constitution and their rights as citizens is in the common interest of most Germans and Italians; as it stands however, Merkel and Monti (including our parliamentarians) intend to reach political unification to the advantage of the "strong" powers by a step-by-step reduction of national sovereignty. This grand lesson of "political" life is one we must not forget if we wish to truly give our collective spirit back its dignity.

It should not escape our notice that there are institutional representatives who are also opposed to this system, who are taking the side of the Nation and its citizens; while with the unacceptable complicity of the mass media, this is not happening in Italy.

It is no exaggeration to state that the defense of the Italian people against the ESM and fiscal compact treaties at the national institutional level, is currently waged by German representatives [emphasis added]

In Italy we have appealed for an explanation from national and regional parliamentarians. We got no reply. This attitude is unacceptable, but definitely useful to demonstrate how much the opposition in Italy - apart from televised farces - is lacking in substance.

Nonetheless, we must continue to defend the State "from below," and be assured that if our Parliament ratifies the treaties, here in Italy we too will challenge their constitutional legitimacy.

We are experiencing a new Italy; let us not stop.