Four of 21 New Jersey Counties Back Glass-Steagall; 35 Pennsylvania Townships Take It Up This Week
July 4, 2012 • 8:12AM

The latest updates on the U.S. mobilization to re-instate Glass Steagall are on the LaRouchePAC page, "Restore Glass-Steagall,". Several patterns stand out, among the growing list of singular actions and endorsements. Two examples:

NEW JERSEY. In New Jersey, resolutions of support for Glass-Steagall have been passed in four of its 21 counties, by their Boards of Freeholders, the elected governing bodies. The counties are Mercer (where Trenton, the state capital, is located); Middlesex (largest town, New Brunswick), Essex (Newark), and Hudson (Jersey City). In Hudson County, across the river from Manhattan, the Glass-Steagall resolution was passed in November, 2011. Last night, LPAC representatives briefed Hudson Freeholders on the latest of where the battle stands, and commitments were made to put the district U.S. Congressman on notice.

These four counties are in the central-to-northeast portion of the state, proceeding from the Delaware to the Hudson Rivers. Their combined population is 1.87 million, which is over 20 percent of the state's 8.9 million. (The counties' population roster excludes that of embedded, incorporated cities or boroughs.)

PENNSYLVANIA. An estimated 35 townships across the state may take up resolutions this week, for Glass-Steagall/national credit/NAWAPA support, from advance-work done in recent months. Twelve townships have already passed support resolutions, with six of these being in the Southwest/Central part of the state, including three from Green County alone, politically and economically contiguous with West Virginia.