The Secret Behind an Economic Miracle in Southern Europe, The Mediterranean, and Africa
July 9, 2012 • 8:08AM

By Jacques Cheminade

The following is the written text, submitted for this past Sunday's International Webcast, by former French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade, of the Solidarité et Progrès party.

The secret behind a miracle is that it is never located outside us but in the function of our mind to change for the better our environment, our fellow human beings and ourselves. So the best way I can find to start my intervention this evening is to say: let's get out of the suicidal mess that they have the nerve to call Europe! We have reached the end of the oligarchic system, based on an endless spiral of indebtedness and the betrayal of the common good of ours and future generations. It is openly admitted by its proponents that their order implies a criminal thrust towards massive depopulation because its very nature is to refuse to create the means to feed the people.

We live in a failed system, based on national disintegration, financial globalization and self-imposed serfdom, called by José Manuel Barroso himself a "non-imperial Empire." Not to fight it is to become its accomplice, at a moment when it becomes openly criminal. The oligarchy is indeed repeating the murderous policies of the Brünings and Lavals of the 20th century, but this time on a world scale and boosted by money issuance at the speed of light thanks to the modern electronic devices. If even certain British elements have decided, since this week, to jump ship, are we going to stay aboard the financial Titanic like trapped rats?

We have produced our program as a beacon of hope, to show the other way. If you jump, you have to do it as safely as possible, and knowing where to go. It is the program to open the road to recover our national sovereignty, not for "us," in ourselves, but for a community of purpose with the other nations of our region. It is a link between an East-West development, the Eurasian Land-Bridge perspective, and a North-South development from the Mediterranean to South Africa, two legs for one World Land-Bridge of infrastructural advance. Why? Because when our enemies proceed at a world scale, we have to challenge them at the highest level, from top down, harnessing all the mental, human and economic means to develop the physical economy once we have put an end to the virtual one.

After the comprehensive and profound presentation of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, I only want to stress a few key landmarks for our mobilization.

First, we need as a starter the Glass-Steagall principle and a credit system. Our program can only be enforced if we begin by cleaning our mess. It means going ahead with the Glass-Steagall principle. Once we have separated the banks and sent the illegitimate debts of the investment banks to the garbage can, we also have to produce the fuel for a new takeoff. This is the national credit system, associating national banks for the financing of the program. After cleaning the mess, it means to restart with an absolutely new engine. Credit issuance is a weapon of the state, representing the interest of the population and should be controlled by the population. We somehow had that in Germany with the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau and in France with the Crédit National, before the moment when the European laws, according first to Article 104 of the Maastricht Treaty and then Article 123 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, banned this capacity and threw the states into the murderous embrace of the bankers. It is then that the key expression of national sovereignty, the issuance of state credit, was abolished and that states necessarily had to borrow from the banks to be able to invest. National credit, the function of the future, was thus abrogated and the big banks became the rulers of the game, holding the states by their debts and able to impose their blackmail like the usurers of Venice had been able to blackmail their noble clients. But this time it is us and the future of our children and grandchildren which are at stake, not that of some more or less useless noblemen.

Second, of course, the dual imperative to re-establish a strict Glass-Steagall principle and a national credit system demand an immediate break with the moribund euro system. The embrace of the banking monetarist system and the related euro system are like an embrace of two corpses. Maybe some of you don't feel it, but it is a pretty disgusting position, which becomes smellier and smellier.

Nonetheless, life after the euro rule needs a program, which is our program. Without it, we could fall into a series of national withdrawals and global chaos. Each nation must express where it wants to go. But we must bring an accord among those nations who share the direction they want to go in.

Third, the common program has to work like the human mind, because it is its baby. The human mind does not work by adding things in a never-ending process, it is a process defined by an inner motion to explore, a sense of creating a future. Our common program is therefore not made through the addition of bits, bits, and bits, but it is a whole, a great design to inspire. We Europeans have too many things, too many bits, bits and bits in our drawing boards. We have to get them off once and for all, but not as a collection, but as eventually useful elements for the whole. We have to be not like a collector, gathering items, but as a composer of a symphony of nations and people.

For sure, to work for and from the future does not mean to know precisely what things have to be done, how and exactly when. It means to give a direction, with landmarks: a canal, a waterbed, a high speed transportation system, a project. Not all of what we are saying can be predicted in advance and done at the same time. It is not an infantile planning that has to succeed to the present suicidal chaos, but to establish a clear and coherent directionality for and from the future.

Fourth, to work for the advantage of the other and with a constant commitment to future generations means for us Europeans to work in a much, much better way together. The break with the euro system means neither a return to the past nor an extrapolation of the present towards the future, but to change, to reinvent what we are. An economic miracle in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region and Africa demands the miracle of an upgraded cooperation in the transatlantic region and especially in our Western Europe. To have to do something for the other, I am convinced, is going to be a great challenge for ourselves.

For example, to develop Southern Europe and Africa we need strengthened and reinforced cooperation, among Western Europeans but also with Chinese, Indian, Russian and American firms: In the future, the World Land-Bridge has to come to us. The power of cooperation in the fields of energy, space and air transport, high-speed transportation on Earth, is potentially enormous. A good example of it has been the European aerospace program, an overall success. A bad example has been the separation of the French firm Areva and the German Siemens from the nuclear sector. It is so bad, that now the dismantling of the integrated nuclear cycle that Areva represents in France could very well happen.

Moreover and with a more far-reaching view, we need cooperation in the research, development and innovation sectors, together with a community of purpose in the higher university education around and promoted by our Eurasian Land-Bridge and Mediterranean programs.

An economic platform for the future cannot be built as an addition of things, it needs first the common commitment to succeed. The forward looking tradition of all European countries, together with their on European partners, has to be put together and revived: it is the purpose of our program.

Fifth, everybody has to be on board for the project. I don't believe in "specializations." Of course, there is a historical involvement of Germany towards the East and of France towards the Mediterranean. But a specialization on the basis of these involvements is not something that can help. The Eurasian Land-Bridge and the Mediterranean miracle are in our minds one and a single concept. When thousands of Russians are afflicted with drugs every day, when Greek workers and pensioners are humiliated and offended against, when Spanish and Irish youth are jobless and have to crawl or go into exile, when Africans are subjected to the murderous policies of the British Empire, you jump to their help without looking whether the direction is East or South. The Westphalian conception of the advantage of the other is neither a technical approach nor a practical inclination based on habits. Our program is not a practical addition of things to be done presented to some experts; it is a draft of a platform to inspire all.

One of the worst things that I have heard lately is something said by a Frenchwoman and head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, when she declared: "I have no pity for those Greeks who have overspent so much, when I compare their condition to the fate of the children of Niger." This expresses precisely the loss of human compassion which is the sign of a failed society.

Sixth, our program involves an absolutely different conception of culture. Lyndon LaRouche said recently that you don't win a war with generalities. You win a war by committing yourself to the fate of future generations with a constant, relentless drive to get the job done. And then by getting your hands dirtied in doing the job. You then do something, having always in mind what you would have to do next. And your example inspires people, and you have more and more people doing the same. They get involved and engaged in whatever they are committed to do, as patriots breaking through all containment barriers.

This is our culture, inspired by a sense of what humanity has to confront and achieve to continue being human.

We are quite far from there in France today. We are losing our industry, which only represents 16% of our added value as against 30% in Germany, and 13% of our active population. The main 40 firms of our country make 80% of their sales and 75% of their profits abroad. This would not be bad in itself, but the reality is evil: They invest abroad to find cheap labor and escape from taxation in the tax havens. The French state, since 1973, has heavily borrowed abroad to attract foreign capital into our country. Now about 60% of our debt is in foreign hands, which means under the blackmail of banks and insurance companies.

This is to say that our program would be in the immediate interest of France because it imposes an absolutely radical change. Not the present France, with a government imposing austerity on the people and trying to make arrangements with the creditor banks and get fictitious credit from Europe, but a France that should recover its spirit.

A huge majority of the French-Africans, Frenchmen and -women of African origin, massively voted for François Hollande. They wanted to get rid of the Sarkozy looting regime and its FranceAfrique. They are now starting to be disappointed and soon their anger could explode. They are demanding something for their future in Europe and for those who stayed in Africa.

Our answer cannot continue to be that of Christine Lagarde and her like. Our program is the answer, because it defines how to bring the human policy in accordance with the laws of a self-developing universe. It defines our human principle of responsibility. Europe cannot continue to be the dead weight in a collapsing universe. Instead of an ecological transition into death in the grip of money, we have the choice for a culture of life in the inspiration of our capacity to transform our environment. It is well past time to make our choice.

Angela Merkel and François Hollande are celebrating today, in Rheims, the 50th anniversary of the de Gaulle-Adenauer historical encounter of July 8, 1962. Let's hope that our celebration here, ours, and not their farce, is going to be the reference for a more perfect, a more truthful cooperation. Let's fight for it, from the Atlantic to the Sea of China, from the Mediterranean throughout the African continent, and across the Atlantic, elevating in us, a sense of grandeur beyond our lifetimes, beyond our personal life and personal death. That is our program: passion for humanity, passion for the future.