Moscow Cautions Anti-Assad Allies Against Adventurism
July 12, 2012 • 7:15AM

On July 11, deputy head of Russia's military technical cooperation agency, Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, told the press at the Farnborough air show in Britain that Russian Navy warships will be sent to defend Russian merchant shipping in the event of a blockade due to the situation in Syria. "The fleet will be sent on task to guarantee the safety of our ships, to prevent anyone interfering with them in the event of a blockade. I remind you, there are no limits," he said, when asked about the Russian Navy's actions in the event of a blockade.

A similar cautionary note was also conveyed to the anti-Assad adventurers by the Chairman of the Social Council at the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Korotchenko, during his interview with the Russia Today TV on July 11. Korotchenko said the Syrian Army has strong faith and is well armed, highly trained, coherent, supportive of its leadership, and ready to defend its country against any foreign aggression as it is equipped with sophisticated weapons, including anti-naval counterforce weapons.

Issuing a warning to NATO in particular against any military venture against Syria, he said: "If the NATO tried to use its naval capabilities against Syria, it wouldn't be an easy picnic." He called on the alliance to back the political process in Syria and refrain, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, from providing support and arms to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.