British MI6 Chief, Foreign Secretary Sound Alarm Over Imminent Iran Nuclear Threat
July 14, 2012 • 9:48AM

Both the head of Britain's MI6, John Sawers, and Foreign Secretary William Hague launched attacks on Iran's nuclear program.

MI6 Chief John Sawers, in what is being described as a "rare" public speech, addressed a meeting last week of senior civil servants in London and said that the agents for Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6) had foiled Iran's attempts to produce a nuclear weapon as long as four years ago. "You'd have Iran as a nuclear weapons state in 2008 rather than still being two years away in 2012," the report quoted Sawyers as saying. "The Iranians are determinedly going down a path to master all aspects of nuclear weapons; all the technologies they need," he said. "It's equally clear that Israel and the United States would face huge dangers if Iran were to become a nuclear weapon state." If Iran continues to try to produce nuclear weapons, he said, a military strike against it would become increasingly likely: "I think it will be very tough for any Prime Minister of Israel or President of the United States to accept a nuclear-armed Iran."

Earlier this week, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Foreign Secretary Hague made a raving statement, that "Iran was threatening to spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which could be more dangerous than the original East-West Cold War — as there are not the same 'safety mechanisms' in place. It is a crisis coming down the tracks. Because they are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons program... And so, the most serious round of nuclear proliferation since nuclear weapons were invented would have begun with all the destabilizing effects in the Middle East.... And the threat of a new cold war in the Middle East without necessarily all the safety mechanisms — that would be a disaster in world affairs."