Candidates that Support Reinstating Glass-Steagall
July 18, 2012 • 11:37AM

Below is a list of candidates that LaRouchePAC has confirmed support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

Presidential Candidates
Ed Chlapowski, Reform Party
Blake Ashby, Reform Party
Darcy Richardson, , Reform Party
Tom Hoefling, America Party
John Wolf, Jr.(Democrat) Tennessee primary
Rocky Anderson, Justice Party
Roseanne Cherrie Barr, Green Party

William Cleave Drummond, 1st CD (D)
Frank Vondersaar 1st CD, (D )

David Secor (D), 50th CD
Ron Varasteh (D), 48th CD

Jim Pirtle, Libertarian, U.S. Congress Colorado District 5

Senate candidate Susan Bysiewicz (D), former State Attorney General

Jim Bryan, 1st CD, (D)
Jacques Rene Gaillot, Jr., 3rd CD,(D)
Jason H. Kendall, 7th CD, (D)
Nicholas Ruiz III, 7th CD, (D)
Mike Nieves, 9th CD, (IN)
Jonathan Michael Snow, 12th CD, (D)
William Cleave Drummond, 1st CD (D)
David Lutrin for Florida House

Lesli Messinger, 1st CD (D)
Robert Montigel, 6th CD (D)

Dave Crooks, 8th CD (D)
Andrew Straw, Green Party, 2nd CD
Kevin Boyd,3rd CD, (D)

Herb Robinson, 4th CD, (D)

Kerry Bentivolio, LibertyCandidates, 11th CD

Torey Hall, 18th L Dt, (R)
Jim Graves, 6th CD, (D)

New Hampshire
Dennis Lamare, 2nd CD, (R)

New Mexico
Sean Closson, Independent, 3rd CD

New york
Colia L.Clark, US Senate, Green Party

Mary M. Headrick, 3rd(CD), (D)
Brandon Stewart, 2nd CD, Independent

Bob Ferguson, current AG and AG candidate (D)
Roseanne Cherrie Barr, Green Party Presidential candidate
David Spring, D, State House of Representatives
Darshan Rauniyar (D), Democrat, 1st CD
Laura Ruderman, Democrat, 1st CD
Larry Ishmael, Democrat, 1st CD
Glenn Stockwell, US Senate, (R)
Suzan DelBene, Democrat, 1st CD,
And 92 other Democratic candidates running in King County