Neither Of These Clowns Will Be President
July 19, 2012 • 1:43PM

by Rachel Brown (D-MA), LaRouche National Candidates Slate

The only definite process on the planet is the one fighting for the survival of the planet. The LIBOR "scandal," rather than being yet another swindle, is nothing less than the trigger being pulled on the entire financial system by the highest levels of the British Empire- who are acting now to bring a full Glass-Steagall reorganization into being, as LaRouche has called for. As just one indication of this move from the City of London, look to the pages of the Financial Times in a July 4th editorial, which asserted, "the cultural tensions between investment and commercial banking can only be resolved by totally separating the two, on formal Glass-Steagall lines." And from Lord Myners, of N.M. Rothschild, "...the ring fence doesn't go far enough. We need to go to what is known as a Glass-Steagall model, which is a complete separation."

Ironically, the same forces which put Obama into power, are now calling for Glass-Steagall, which in turn requires Obama's removal from office. The LIBOR case itself, a demonstration that the entire system is rotten, indicts the Obama administration on many levels, including to clarify the direction, and role, of the flow of drug money, as under Obama's Fast and Furious coverup, from Mexico through banks like HSBC-- now testifying in Congress for such activity, and a target of the LIBOR investigations. HSBC has also has been suspected for funneling money directly to Obama's 2008 campaign. Holder, in his unofficial role as Obama's defender, and guilty of illegal crimes and coverups, is already in the process of being removed from office.

Timothy Geithner is also guilty, and should be removed from office, having not acted to call the game on rate manipulation when it first became known to him, but, after having known about it since 2008, as Treasury Secretary still did nothing. He deserves a criminal trial, being responsible for the murder committed throughout the cities and states of the United States, a result of the severe financial austerity consciously caused, under hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from municipalities by banks in Wall St. and the City of London.

The walls are coming down, for Obama and Romney both. It's likely that neither of these two will be the electee come November 7th. What must occur before then is that a complete change, which the top echelons of the British Establishment are proffering to the leadership of the United States through this call for a return to Glass-Steagall, takes place, and is already fully in motion the day after the election-- under a different candidate than our two currently disastrous options. Many other options for candidate are available-- probably with better quality and at a lower price-- and Obama has already been thrown to the wolves.

History is not made by accident, but by intention. To save this country and secure the future of mankind requires that we now overcome any stupid notions of popular opinion which would otherwise keep us from adopting the necessary actions for our survival.

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