Foreign Intelligence Agency Behind Damascus Bombing?
July 21, 2012 • 10:49PM

In discussion with associates on Thursday, Lyndon LaRouche noted that the bombing attack on the Syrian national security headquarters that killed Syria's defense minister and three other top officials had the footprints of an Israeli operation. It was the type of an operation that required trained professionals, the kind of operation that Israel is very capable of carrying out. Today, the English-language Al-Akhbar news site reported that, in fact, evidence has emerged that a foreign intelligence agency was involved in the bombing and that most of the reporting on the bombing up until now has been false.

Al-Akhbar reports that its sources say, first of all, the bombing was not a suicide bombing, and that the perpetrator is in custody and its being questioned, that the bomb was made up of explosives in the form of flat panels that were smuggled into the building and disguised to look like a dossier, and that the party responsible for the attack is not linked to any of the known opposition groups fighting the regime, though they all condoned the bombing.

"On the contrary," reports Al-Akhbar, "information point to the involvement of western and Israeli intelligence in recruitment, preparation, and execution."