Open Letter from the LPAC-Endorsed Slate to the Delegates to the Democratic National Convention

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Dear Democratic Delegate;

First of all, we would ask that you read this letter in its entirety and consider the truth of what we are saying, and act now as if the survival of the nation depends on it, because it does. There is only one issue, which is that we must act now to save the U.S. economy or the nation is finished. There are three crucial points of policy that must be implemented now, well before the November elections. First, we must reinstate the original Glass-Steagall act of 1933, now in congress as H.R. 1489. We will pay no gambling debt! No more bailouts! Without Glass-Steagall as a first step, we cannot save the nation. Glass-Steagall is the indispensable introduction to an interdependent, unified policy platform for the nation; the second step is to re-establish a national banking system, modeled on the work of our first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, to make the funding of a recovery possible. The third step in this unified package is the building of the North American Water and Power Alliance. This is a promise to the American people, a commitment to a restored mission to physical economic development, advanced technology, and mass employment, creating 6 million high skilled jobs and preventing the drought, fire, and famine menacing our population due to so-called natural disasters.

If we wish to save the U.S. economy we must implement these policies before the Sept 3rd. Democratic Convention. That means President Obama must be rejected as the Democratic Party nominee and forced out of office now. If the choice for the November Presidential elections remains a choice between Obama and Romney, our nation, and likely civilization as a whole, is doomed. Therefore, we are writing to urge you to nominate another qualified Democrat who actually has the interests of the people of the United States, and the world, at heart.

Although Obama’s actions of the last three years should already have caused you to call for his early removal from office, let us put the situation we face into plain view, so that we may consider the facts of the matter together.

We are witnessing the meltdown of the trans-Atlantic monetary system over the coming days and weeks. Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presided over the crime of the century in allowing the meddling with the LIBOR while he was head of the New York Federal Reserve. Then, as Treasury Secretary, along with Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve, he perpetrated the worst financial swindle in America’s history, issuing trillions of dollars of bailouts to criminal enterprises, while millions of Americans became homeless, and thousands prematurely dead, due to cuts in city and state budgets necessitated by criminal activity of the major financial institutions, which lured the unsuspecting municipalities, hospitals, and labor unions into fraudulent investments.

Many prominent economists and political figures have joined with economist Lyndon LaRouche- who forecast this disaster in 2007- in calling for the reinstatement of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act, which has already been introduced in the current US House of Representatives as H.R. 1489, “The Return to Prudent Banking Act.” President Obama is adamantly opposed to the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, and has deployed former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to lobby members of Congress and others with sophistical arguments, to prevent it from being passed. For those of you still willing to overlook mass murder caused by economic policies, there is mass murder in its own name, for its own sake. With illegal wars, secret prisons, warrantless wiretapping, and extrajudicial drone assassinations of U.S. citizens, it’s no wonder that former President Jimmy Carter wrote in the New York Times, that Obama has violated over one-third of the human rights outlined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, passed after WWII.

With these actions, Obama has become much more like Emperor Nero than a duly elected President of the United States, and his policies are putting us in danger of thermonuclear war with Russia and China, who would much prefer to be our allies. The Republican Party has chosen to put forward their own similarly unqualified candidate, Mitt Romney, who is, just like Obama, bought and paid for by Wall Street.

In stark contrast to the criminal outlook of the two prospective nominees, what is needed is a candidate, and a Democratic Party Program modeled after the thinking of two great Presidents, who also happened to be Democrats: Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. Both of them were passionately committed to the future, and both led the way in investing in that future through great projects such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Apollo Mission to land on the moon. To create such a future out of the desperate suffering that so many Americans are experiencing today, requires the full engagement of the productive creativity of the population through great projects such as NAWAPA XXI, which would employ over 6 million people, and by managing the biosphere, alleviate the worst of the extreme drought and flooding which is destroying our food supply today. The only way such an endeavor could be “paid for” is by an immediate reinstatement of FDR’s original Glass-Steagall Act, and the establishment of a third NATIONAL BANK to preside over the disbursement of public credit. We therefore call upon you, as the elected Democratic Party representatives to the Democratic Nominating Convention to take the only course of action which could eloquently alleviate this profound crisis: nominate someone else! We have not endorsed another candidate, but believe there are a few prominent Democrats with the inclination to carry out a program as outlined above. Such a candidate would soundly defeat Romney, who is not well-loved among Republicans. Remember President Kennedy’s famous book “Profiles in Courage,” and act accordingly. So-called “party loyalty” proved to be deadly in Europe, in the 1930’s. Today, with nuclear weapons in the equation, the consequences of “going along to get along” will be far worse.

The LaRouche PAC-Endorsed National Slate of Congressional Candidates:
Kesha Rogers (TX-22)
Diane Sare (NJ-5)
Rachel Brown (MA-4)
Bill Roberts (MI-11)
Dave Christie (WA-9)

Two Weeks to Save the Nation'

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