August 13th 2011 • 6:11PM

So far, humanity survives by a thread. Lyndon LaRouche and Executive Editor Alicia Cerretani, discuss the forces at play during the last week, and look towards the coming week.

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August 6th 2011 • 1:43AM

The means Obama used to ram through the "deficit bill", the Budget Control Act, is parallel to the process by which Hitler established his dictatorship. Is this the past repeating itself? No - today it is much worse.

August 2nd 2011 • 7:36AM

Those who supported Obama's fascist coup, have committed high treason. As of today, the House has conceded its legally mandated power to a Hitler dictatorship. Our last and final defense against this coup, is full and total commitment to the sudden restoration of Glass-Steagall.

August 7th 2011 • 6:20PM

The Friday Standard & Poor's downgrade of the U.S. debt was an act of war. Our enemy, the British Empire and their puppet Barack Obama have a lot to lose. We have little to lose, but every reason to fight for Obama's ouster and Glass-Steagall.

August 3rd 2011 • 6:43PM

Despite the Congress's treasonous compromise with Obama on the debt ceiling and the fascist budget cuts, the U.S. debt will more than likely still be downgraded. Congress was had.

August 1st 2011 • 3:56PM

As we speak, Obama is staging his Hitler coup in the form of the fascist Supercongress. Glass-Steagall has now become the only weapon of strategic defense that our nation has to head off this coup. Bankrupt the enemy, remove Obama from office.

On The Ground: One Policy To Save the Nation
July 26th 2012 • 8:32AM

Today we bring you reports from New York City, Seattle, Houston, and Washington DC, from those engaged in the battle to implement LaRouche's three-tiered policy to save the nation.

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