Prince Bandar in the Frontline of the Group Trying to Remove Assad by Violence
July 28, 2012 • 9:35AM

Close crony of Tony Blair, engaged with others under the pretext of ushering in democracy, in exerting his influence to strengthen the terrorists who are using extreme levels of violence to remove the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Saudi Prince Bandar, now the new director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, on top of his post as secretary-general of the National Security Council since 2005, is now fully engaged as the hands-on guide to attain that objective.

In an article in the Ha'aretz on July 25, analyst Zvi Bar'el said it seems the main reason for his appointment now, is that Saudi Arabia is preparing for the next stage in Syria, after President Bashar Assad leaves the political stage one way or another and Syria becomes a battleground for influence.

According to a former military officer in New Delhi, Bandar's appointment was announced on July 19, when, in fact, he had been functioning in that post for a while. The reason that the appointment was announced only after the Syrian terrorists had killed four top Syrian officials in a bomb explosion in the inner sanctum of Syrian security, was because Prince Bandar had orchestrated this massive terrorists attack, he said. The terrorist attack was organized through Lebanon's Harriri network and some CIA personnel operating in that area, the officer said.

Bar'el, in his article, said Saudi commentators say Bandar was the one behind the decision to give money to the Syrian rebels, and even to buy weapons for them. They say the Saudi demand that Assad step down is part of Bandar's strategy, which guides the kingdom far more than the positions of the 88-year-old king, whose health is failing. The Saudi policy on Syria is being closely coordinated with the United States; both countries (like Israel) want to separate Iran from its most important Arab base and slow the weapons flow to Hezbollah, Bar'el added.