Upswing In Insurgent Attacks In Both Philippines and Thailand
July 28, 2012 • 7:22PM

As the Mideast violence, especially in Syria, is increasing fed by support for al Qaeda and other fighters from Saudi Arabia friends, Islamic insurgent attack in the South East Asia countries of Thailand and Philippines have also increased.

On Saturday, 20 fighters with "war weapons" attacked six Thai soldiers in tambon Thanom, Southern Thailand, killed four and wounding the others. Since Ramadan began on July 20, 19 people have been killed, including nine civilians, said Fourth Army Regional Commander Lieut Gen Udonchai Thanmasararot.

Thursday, a detachment of the Philippines army attacked some Abu Sayyaf fighters on Baslian Island. The Al Qaeda linked, Abus significantly outnumbered the government forces, however, and inflicted 12 fatalities while only suffering four deaths themselves. (The figures were later corrected to 10 soldiers, 9 rebels, "Vietnam" style.) The Abus are said to be intervening in agrarian issues, beyond the standard religious agenda.