Rumpelstiltskins Try To Batter Germany Into Making the Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Their Euro-Monster
July 30, 2012 • 4:34PM

Supporting Tim Geithner's descent on Germany today, aimed at massive money-pumping by the ECB and otherwise, the evil twins Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker and Tony Blair went into propaganda action.

Stupid Juncker, whose Eurogroup is generally comprised of the Eurozone finance and economic ministers, is clearly under stress and losing his marbles, if he ever had any. In an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, he confirmed that there are preparations by the Eurozone countries to buy state bonds of countries in trouble, if necessary, in coordination with the EFSF and the ECB. It is however not completely clear, when what exactly would be done, he said.

Juncker lashed into the anti-euro and Greek exit discussion in Germany, calling it "gibberish." He attacked Germany for "constantly using European matters for domestic policy" and whined, "Why does Germany treat the Eurozone as a subsidiary?" He also called for the introduction of a full time "European finance minister," "a prominent personality, who is absolutely able to stop national budget plans."

The CSU leadership reacted promptly at to the attack by Luxembourg Prime Minister Juncker. CSU General Secretary Dobrindt said, he raises a "big question mark," whether Juncker is still competent to head the Eurogroup. He should reflect whether he might not be part of the problem, instead of attacking Germany. Horst Seehofer fully supported Dobrindt's characterization and repeated that he does not see how Greece could manage to stay in the Eurozone.

Juncker was assisted by none other than former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who gave an interview to tabloid Bild-Zeitung, where he demanded the final sacrifice from Germany to rescue the euro — i.e., hyperinflation. Blair had the gall to say, that the euro crisis "is a new experience for us," comparable most likely "with the situation in the '30s. All alternatives are not nice. But the best of these alternatives for Europe, and especially for Germany, is to save the euro." Blair called for "a political solution" (Hitler, Mussolini in one?) "Now finally, the construction mistake of the euro can be seen clearly," he gloated. Yes, Germany will have to "finance emergency parachutes, create its own inflation and come up for the debts of those countries that did not implement the necessary reforms." Therefore, it is not strange that people in Germany do not like this, he said.