Dempsey Stands Firm Against Nuclear War: Again Rules Out Military Action Against Syria
July 31, 2012 • 12:54AM

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey is still resisting the intense black propaganda about massacres in Syria, as indicated by remarks he is reported to have made in San Francisco last Friday. He indicated that Syria is much complex than Libya was, and still requires diplomatic and economic measures to deal with the conflict. Dempsey was there to deliver remarks to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco and addressed Syria both in his prepared remarks and answers to reporters afterwards. "My job is to provide options, and I have been working on plans. None of them are at an executable level of detail at this point," he said. "All of the difficulties in the other Arab Spring moments are manifested and magnified in Syria. This is one where we need to continue to shape it diplomatically and economically before we would think about applying a military instrument of power."

Dempsey also indicated that there have been discussions about aiding the Syrian opposition, but not with weapons. "We have been discussing a range of options for some time. Among them would be assisting the opposition," he said in his news conference afterwards. "I've never heard any discussion of assisting them with lethal support. That is to say, the discussions that I've been involved with were about providing non-lethal support."