LPAC Prepares Next Phase of Mobilization
August 4, 2012 • 11:48AM

LaRouche PAC's latest pamphlet, "Program for a New Presidency: The Full Recovery Program for the United States," has now been posted on www.larouchepac.com, for immediate use in escalating the mobilization for passing Glass-Steagall and ousting Obama by the time of the Democratic Convention. The 32-page pamphlet is scheduled to be printed in a first run of 20,000, and will be released in the course of the coming week.

The pamphlet features the three-step program, elaborated in some depth, and LaRouche's July 28 strategic assessment of the current situation, "The Evolution in Our Species."

During the month of August, LPAC will be continuing its targetting of Congress for action. It is to be noted that, contrary to media reports, Congress is not in recess, and therefore Congressmen can sign on to both H.R. 1489 and H.C.R. 107, and be registered with thomas.loc.gov. In addition, many Congressmen will be holding town meetings in their districts, which will make them accessible to constituency pressure for the necessary action.