Russia Condemns West for Sabotage; Calls for New Envoy
August 4, 2012 • 11:55AM

This report is produced here by courtesy of EIR News Service.

UN Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan announced that he is resigning his position, citing the failure of "unity" at the United Nations Security Council in support for his mission.

As EIR has repeatedly covered, the United Kingdom, the Obama Administration, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar never supported the Annan mission, and not only continued arming and funding the violent opposition and Jihadi terrorists, but escalated in providing the arms as soon as the "unified" resolutions supporting the Annan mission had been adopted.

In a series of statements after Annan's announcement, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials called for the mission to be continued, with a new envoy to be appointed. Putin described the resignation as a "great shame," referring to lack of support for his efforts.

"Kofi Annan is a man of great merit, a brilliant diplomat and a very honest person, so it is a great shame," Russian news agencies quoted Putin as saying on Aug. 2, just before he departed for a brief visit to London. "But I hope that the international community's efforts will remain focused on ending the violence," Putin added.

At the UN, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin emphasized that Moscow had supported Annan "very strongly," while the United States, United Kingdom, Saudis, Turkey, and Qatar constantly held meetings of Syrian opposition to increase its military capabilities to overthrow Assad—ignoring the Annan mission resolutions they had just signed. In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement that the UN Security Council should appoint a new envoy to continue the mission.

Since the Annan Mission was created in February 2012, the London-sponsored opposition has made its top priority to "kill the Annan Mission." But with Russia standing firm in supporting continued efforts to end the violence and reach a political transition agreement, the instant removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following Annan's resignation will not happen.

At the United Nations today, the "Jihadi Axis" of United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey failed to ram a resolution through the UN General Assembly calling for Assad to be removed. The resolution is a disgusting lie that condemns the Assad government for continued killings, but covers up the terrorism by the Syrian rebels; it is non-binding and passed the UNGA with 133 votes in favor, 12 votes against, and 31 abstentions.

Meanwhile, the documentation of brutal, sadistic acts of murder and torture by the Syrian opposition, has broken into the Western media.