Lebanese Political Leader: What's Happening in Syria is Not a Civil War, but Foreign Aggression
August 6, 2012 • 12:09AM

In an interview to be published in the Aug. 10 edition of EIR magazine, Dr. Bassam El-Hachem, professor at the Lebanese University in Beirut, and leading figure in Gen. Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Tendency (Courant Patriotique Libre, CPL), charges that the current assault on the Assad regime is not a civil war, but the result of foreign aggression.

"This is a foreign war against Syria, decked out in the finery of a resistance movement against a dictatorial, authoritarian regime," El-Hachem said. In this sense it is similar to the war which ravaged Lebanon in the 1970s, which was fed by foreign sources.

Dr. El-Hachem and the Aoun movement have had a long history of opposition to the Syrian government, but General Aoun has recently spoken out against the attempt to topple Bashar Assad by force. Asked about this, Dr. El-Hachem ripped apart the "human rights" fraud:

"Do human beings have more rights in Saudi Arabia, in the United Arab Emirates, or in Qatar, than in Syria? We recently saw a young Tunisian get his throat slit. For having had the 'presumptuousness' of converting to Christianity, he was publicly dismembered, in a ritual manner, by a Salafist group which arrogated to itself the right to execute men in the name of Allah.

"What did we see in Libya? We were promised democracy and what do we witness now? The destruction of Libyan unity, on behalf of an ensemble of gangs, clans, armed tribes, and a latent state of war among them, that the dictatorial Qaddafi regime had previously succeeded in containing. It's true: Qaddafi in his time was a horror, but what has replaced him is terror."

The full interview will be available, soon, on EIR Online.