Bill Roberts: "Onward to Victory!"
August 8, 2012 • 8:00PM

Bill Roberts, member of the LaRouche national candidates slate, received 41% of the votes in Tuesday night's primary election (August 7) in Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Roberts issued this statement following the vote:

By the time the polls closed last night, 41% of Democratic voters in Michigan's 11th district, over 15,000 voters, decided to choose me as their candidate for United States House of Representatives. I congratulate and thank everyone who gave me their vote and supported the campaign. Not only did many people vote who probably would not have otherwise, but by supporting my campaign as part of a National Slate of Candidates, voters in Michigan were able to participate directly in catalyzing the fight to shape policy in the nation's capitol.

Given the fact that my primary opponent made his support for President Obama's Affordable Care Act, and my desire to impeach Obama, the only issues in this race, (refusing to openly debate any policy issues), this election result unmistakeably demonstrates that a large portion of Michigan's Democratic voters do not want Barack Obama to be their President. This is consistent with presidential primary results in other states, where as many as 40% of Democrats rejected Obama and voted for “anyone but him.” This should send a clear message to Democratic Party delegates: dump Obama from the ticket now and nominate a candidate who is committed to the future of mankind.

A clear example of what it means to fight for the future of mankind can be seen in the victory achieved by NASA in successfully landing the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars. This breathtaking success is a positive demonstration of why we must fight for human creativity, and science, against the evil and backwardness of the science-hating Obama Administration. I am not only referring to the miracle in engineering achieved by the landing, but also to the years-long fight to preserve the commitment to human progress and oppose the paralyzing budget cuts that have threatened to destroy NASA's revolutionary role as an agency at the forefront of scientific knowledge. This mission paves a clear pathway for mankind's coming role as a species on other planets.

With the threat of thermonuclear World War III looming, and a hyper-inflationary economic breakdown crisis on our doorstep, mankind's future now depends on Congress going back to D.C., and convening an emergency session to remove Obama and instate a full economic recovery program. That threefold recovery plan must include: 1) the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, 2) the establishment of a National Bank for the issuance of credit for large scale development programs and 3) the construction of the NAWAPA XXI project to re-orient our economy as a whole toward the progress to be made by scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Listen to Bill Roberts' pre-election interview on WDET radio: click here

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