Kesha Rogers: "Curiosity Defeats Obama"
August 8, 2012 • 9:43PM

Kesha Rogers is a member of the LaRouche national candidates slate. She won the Democratic primaries in both 2010 and 2012 in the 22nd District of Texas on the slogan "Save NASA, Impeach Obama". Upon the success of Curiosity's landing on Mars, she issued the following statement:

The successful landing of the Mars "Curiosity" Rover on Monday August 6th represents a turning point for mankind, as we have once again established our presence in space. The success of this landing lies not in the mere risk and challenges that were overcome, be they significant as they are, but in the crushing blow that this victory has dealt to a shrinking number of desperate fools still clinging to the coattails of Obama's environmentalist, anti-science, anti-technology, thermonuclear war-driven puppet presidency.

The success of Curiosity's arrival on the surface of Mars expresses nothing less than a significant step upwards in the evolution of our species, and in our species' understanding of its own creative nature to master mankind's power in our solar system. This great achievement gives voice to the fundamental importance of organizing our economy from the standpoint of the future scientific advancements we wish to see, and demonstrates Man's presence in space, which is so vital to our species' survival today, directly connected to expanding this type of visionary thinking.

The world is currently gripped by a total collapse in physical economic conditions: destruction of farmland by drought and fire, homelessness, joblessness, and bankruptcy. It is only by increasing our understanding of the universe we inhabit that we will muster the optimism and know-how to halt a hyperinflationary blowout of the trans-Atlantic economies, and the threat of war that grips the planet. The surge of optimism the Curiosity landing unleashed, is the most dangerous weapon patriots can wield against the tyrant Obama and wannabe Romney.

This successful mission has now provided us with the foothold to establish a system of planetary defense. Many more rovers will need to be suspended onto Mars, from which a control system will be established in the first steps for a "Strategic Defense of the Earth" from extreme space weather and asteroid impacts. This mission will help to answer very vital questions that will come up in considering the defense of earth, and establishes a different conception of the organization of the solar system: one with Man the Explorer as the willfully creative species with the power to overcome all challenges, planetary and even galactic ones. We may come to answer such questions as: how planets may be engineered to become habitable to human life, how the human species may survive in this galaxy on the timescale of billions of years, and how to bring into existence an age of reason and discovery among nations and cultures. These questions and more are crucial to securing our species' existence as a space-faring civilization.

In my campaign, along with my the campaigns of my colleagues on the national slate of LaRouche candidates, I have led the call for the rebirth of a Mars colonization policy, which is essential for establishing a commitment to a "Stategic Defense of Earth" policy. Once the first steps of our national recovery program are in place, namely a return to Glass-Steagall and national banking, we will find that achievements such as Curiosity will be much more common -- --- though no less awe-inspiring -- in their occurrence.

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