LaRouche Democrats Shape Elections in Michigan, Washington State
August 9, 2012 • 11:51AM

The powerful intervention of the LaRouche candidates' slate into the Congressional elections, as a NATIONAL VOICE, had a profound impact on the primary elections August 7th, in Michigan and Washington state. Slate members Bill Roberts (Michigan) and Dave Christie (Wash.) ran hard-hitting campaigns, focused on the three-part Glass Steagall-plus policy platform, and the removal of President Obama from office, as their only "issues." By sustaining this focus, the impact of their campaigns was felt far beyond their Congressional districts.

Roberts received 41% of the vote in the Democratic primary in Michigan's 9th CD, a total of 15,338 votes. His opponent, Taj, spent more than $260,000 against Roberts, and had the full backing of local Democrat party hacks. Taj's entire campaign message was that he wants jobs, supports Obama care, while he attacked his opponent (Roberts) as "not a real Democrat," because he wants to impeach Obama. During the campaign, Roberts did not limit himself to the district, but hit the whole metropolitan Detroit area, which has been devastated by the post-2008 crash, on top of 30 years of deindustrialization, offering a plan for reindustrialization, centered around the deployment of the Detroit area machine-tool capability to build NAWAPA XXI.

In the midst of the campaign, Roberts placed before the voters the evidence of how the LIBOR rigging was taking lives, through cuts in police and fire protection, and health care, in order to pay illegal fees to investment banks, for "risk management" costs. As the city is being placed under emergency financial management, i.e., fascist austerity run by the bankers, Roberts intervened before the Detroit City Council, demanding that they join him in seeing Geithner fired, Obama removed, and the corrupt bankers jailed. He also took the campaign for Glass-Steagall, a national credit policy, and NAWAPA to neighboring states, winning support especially from labor networks in Ohio and Indiana.

While Christie received a smaller vote, of 3.27% in a 5-way race, his campaign likewise had a much broader reach. During the campaign, Christie took Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA to the Democratic Party throughout the state. Many of the legislative district organizations and unions passed resolutions in favor of Glass-Steagall, while NAWAPA became a live issue throughout the state.