Obama Steps Up Arms Sales to Persian Gulf
August 10, 2012 • 8:10AM

As if the Persian Gulf weren't already bristling with enough weapons, the Obama Administration has made arming the Gulf sheikhdoms a top priority of its war policy for Southwest Asia, aimed at Iran and triggering a broader war. Today's New York Times highlights sales of missile defense systems to Persian Gulf countries which have amounted to billions of dollars worth of equipment. This includes the sale of two advanced missile defense radars to the UAE, announced last year, and a similar radar to Qatar. Three weeks ago the DoD announced the sale to Kuwait of 60 advanced Patriot missiles (on top of 350 they already have), 20 launchers and 4 radars. In the last four years, UAE has bought $12 billion worth of hardware from the U.S., including the THAAD anti-missile system.

Saudi Arabia is the largest buyer of U.S. military equipment in the region, having purchased $1.7 billion worth of upgrades to its Patriot missiles last year, and earlier this year the Obama Administration announced a $30 billion deal for the Saudis to buy 84 Boeing-built F-15 fighters and upgrades to the 70 F-15's that the Saudis already own.

Last June, Assistant Secretary of State for Politico- Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro reported that 2012 will be a record-breaking year for U.S. foreign military sales, estimated to reach $50 billion, compared to $30 billion in 2011, thus demonstrating how important a component arms sales are of the Nobel peace thug Obama Administration's foreign policy.