David Christie: The Primary Role of Curiosity
August 10, 2012 • 10:07AM

The history of humanity has never been determined by events. Real history is determined by processes that are set into motion like a river, where the effects of which may only be felt at a much later time. While the primary election event may have only shown a 3% support for my campaign, the effect of the process set into motion by the election campaigns of myself and my fellow revolutionaries, goes far beyond the vote tallied. Over the last year of the campaign, we have stirred up massive support for the single unified policy of the national LaRouche Slate: Glass- Steagall, national credit system and NAWAPA XXI. We played a critical role in getting 11 Legislative District and County Democratic Party organizations to endorse resolutions in support of Glass- Steagall, including the Washington State Democratic Party. Labor organizations not only endorsed calls for Glass- Steagall, but also gave support for NAWAPA XXI publicly and privately. Every one of these endorsements involved intense and often bitter fights concerning Obama’s mustache, and highlighted the growing discontent with Obama by a growing faction of the Democratic Party and organized labor.

On the same day as my primary, Bill Robert’s campaign in Michigan achieved a stunning repudiation of Obama and his Nazi agenda. 41% of the Democratic Party voted for Bill, in a relatively high profile race that was undeniably a referendum on Obama. His opponent, Dr. Syed Taj, took every opportunity to make the point that he supported Obama, and that Bill did not. Bill also made that point, and mobilized 41% of the Democrats to vote not simply against Obama, but to endorse the agenda of the National LaRouche Slate’s national policy of Glass- Steagall, national credit and NAWAPA XXI.

While perhaps hidden by electoral statistics, the people of Washington are also quite unhappy with the decision of the Democratic Party leadership to stick with Obama. Throughout my campaign, there were numerous examples of the revolt against Obama, in both private and public forums. At one Legislative District meeting in the notorious Democratic Party stronghold of King County, one of Washington State’s DNC members, along with a popular former County Chair, took an inordinate amount of time trying to drum up excitement about the upcoming Democratic National Convention and the need to make sure that the seats were filled. They finally let the cat out of the bag as to the necessity for such a long and drawn out attempt to play up the convention, saying, “We have heard the grumblings, we know that there are Democrats who have given up on Obama, but he is our candidate, and we need to get behind him…” There were also reports from qualified sources that the volunteer list for Obama’s "Organize for America" this year was down by 90% from 2008 levels in the Democratic Party of King County. On top of that, our campaigners had numerous discussions over the last four years with the voters of the 9th Congressional District, who expressed deep frustration and concern about the direction that Obama was taking the nation.

Even more than the voters in the primary elections, however, the universe itself delivered the most stunning repudiation of Obama’s policy- the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. This event may be a recent development, but it actually comes from a process set into motion many decades ago by John F. Kennedy, who had a vision of humanity on Mars by 1984. That idea of a Mars mission was kept alive by Lyndon LaRouche, his associates, and by those patriots of the United States who have waged a tireless battle against the adherents of the oligarchical principle that say humanity should give up its pursuit of progress rooted in science driver programs such as our NASA space program.

The fact that Obama has repeatedly stated his desire to destroy NASA, and other technological endeavors such as that “fancy fusion”, cannot be denied. In his Nero like attempt to claim all success as his own, Obama even attempted to claim success for this program, even though he was responsible to deep cuts to NASA’s budget. It has been the true patriots of our nation that have fought to keep humanity’s place in the stars, including in the area of Washington State’s 9th Congressional District, which is home to an impressive array of aerospace, including to the facilities that helped build the lunar rover of Kennedy’s Apollo Project. This degree of scientific and technological capabilities stands in stunning contrast to the green agenda that moved into this area like a swarm of locusts in the late 60’s and early 70’s setting up a deep cynicism among the former industrial areas that were built up here since the days of Franklin Roosevelt. Let that cynicism be now destroyed with Curiosity's landing! However, we should go further. Getting to Mars is a necessary first step towards the Russian proposal of the Strategic Defense of the Earth (SDE) that has advanced on LaRouche’s SDI concept, which is how we will defend against asteroids and other space debris.

As Lyndon LaRouche said in light of this event, “science has been vindicated against Obama.” This process of history, signaled by the event of Curiosity, must now be accelerated. Let us now take this opportunity to sweep humanity up into this process and continue to honor the vision of John F. Kennedy, both with the Mars program (1984), and with NAWAPA. This is how we will secure the future, and fulfill our mission in the universe.

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