The following short report is being distributed at the Labor Union Rally, "Workers Stand For America," in Philadelphia, PA, on August 11,2012. PDF

The labor of mankind:


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Since President John F. Kennedy was murdered, the conditions of life within our United States have moved along a downward trajectory for the prospects of mankind’s development on Earth.

Now, especially since the triumphant flight of “Curiosity,” there is also a recently increased emphasis on mission-orientations toward the defense of human life on Earth against threats from objects which threaten human life on Earth. Similarly, the recent, brilliant success of the landing of “Curiosity” into its assigned region on Mars, has unleashed a rising wave of optimism respecting mankind’s ability to organize a defense of human life against menacing objects in nearby space.

These recent developments have sparked a greatly increased enthusiasm for mankind’s possibilities for accelerated scientific labors of multiple importance for us on Earth itself. A new burst of magnificent scientific progress could now unleash a great, accelerating wave of ever more rewarding labor here back on Earth, and also within nearby Solar space.

Now, the launching of the great scientific triumph of “Curiosity” which had struck the imagination of the world this week, must be recognized as the end of the idea of “cheap labor,” both inside the United States, and throughout the world at large today.

The tendency which has crept into the life of our productive citizens, the tendency to impose a policy of cheaper labor, has become “the green disease” which destroys the employment, and the very meaning of the working person’s life, which we had once thought the rightful future of both the Americans who fought and produced for our victory in World War II, and for the later generations of those citizens. The waste of the American generation that went to the useless war and the drug-addictions brought back from Indo-China, and the step-by-step destruction, generation by generation, of the worsening standard of life, security, health-care, and employment of our labor-force, especially under the two most recent U.S. Presidencies, present us all today with the ugly truth of the policies being practiced at this time.

That issue is not merely the conditions of life, education and work of our citizens today. On the streets of our nation, the generation of young people, especially adolescents and even younger dumped on the streets of despair within our nation, attest to the fact of the crime against humanity which the current policies of our Federal government have brought upon the nation.

The issue of the life of our citizens and their offspring is not a matter limited to our own conditions of life. The worst crime committed against our nation’s people to date, is the increasing tendency toward worthlessness with which the present policies of government are treating our citizens today, which is becoming rapidly worse. It is not the present life’s condition that is the grave issue before us now; the worst thing is that the present policies of our present national policy-trends reject the reality of the fact, that the real test of the meaning of the life we grant to our citizens is expressed in the quality of the meaning of life which is now increasingly denied with each breath taken under the present administration.

The example of the recent triumph of the meaning of human life, with the landing of Project Curiosity, points out most clearly the most precious value of them all: what is the future we are giving to both those recently born and their successors? On this account, the recent three terms of office of our recent Presidencies make an ugly spectacle of the very meaning of the lives which the present policies of our government have bequeathed to our citizens, and their descendants, now.

President John F. Kennedy, for example, understood this, and knew better.

Let the inspiration of the landing by “Curiosity” be the standard of true patriotism in human labor for today. Let, skill, skill, skill, and science, be the standard of life which we extend to a truly meaningful course of life for all of our citizens, at last.