Obama Operatives Intervene to Kill Glass-Steagall Amendment
August 12, 2012 • 10:12PM

Political thugs from the Obama campaign and DNC intervened to force the withdrawal of a Glass-Steagall amendment to the Democratic Party Platform at the final Platform Committee meeting in Detroit Saturday. As of 5 PM Friday, an amendment had been filed, calling for the Party Platform to include an endorsement of HR 1489, reinstating Glass-Steagall. At 7 AM Saturday morning, after an all-night arm-twisting of the delegate who introduced the amendment, it was withdrawn. However, several other delegates had attempted to introduce the identical resolution and were told that it was unnecessary because the amendment was already filed before the deadline.

In calls to many of the 187 members of the Platform Committee prior to the Detroit meeting, LPAC organizers got overwhelming support for Glass-Steagall, even among some delegates who were anti-LaRouche. Fifteen co-sponsors are required to get a full debate and vote on the amendment, and there were at least 28 commitments in advance of the Detroit meeting, with a strong likelihood that the amendment would have gotten a majority vote and been incorporated officially into the 2012 Democratic Party Platform.

The line that was used in arm-twisting the delegates was that "nothing could be put on Obama's plate that might lead to him losing the election." This is, of course, insane, because as LaRouche emphasized Saturday morning after being briefed on the overnight developments in Detroit, we are out to save the Democratic Party and the nation by the only actual election-winning policy available—Glass-Steagall. LaRouche later declared, in discussions with colleagues, that the idea of killing the Glass-Steagall amendment was clear evidence that Obama is a loser.

The entire Platform Committee session was run as a typical Obama thug operation. It was not only the Glass-Steagall amendment that was killed. All the proposed amendments that were not directly offered by the DNC lackies were killed. Whereas the sponsor of the Glass-Steagall amendment was subjected to immense pressure to withdraw the amendment before the Saturday session began, others were pressured more gently to drop their amendments, and were cheered as they stood up to formally withdraw them during the working meeting. In the end, there was no discussion or debate on any policy issues, and Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark, NJ, who chaired the session, ended with ten minutes of mindless chanting.

According to LPAC organizers who were on the scene throughout the day (a public observers section was permitted inside the meeting hall, and CSPAN actually broadcasted the events), delegates walked out of the meeting early in the afternoon, somewhat shell-shocked over the fact that no discussion had been permitted. Many were totally baffled that the Glass-Steagall amendment had not even been read from the floor before being withdrawn, expressing their continued support for the need to include Glass-Steagall in the Democratic Party platform. Several labor union leaders on the Platform Committee bitterly complained that they should have gone to the rally in Philadelphia instead. Other delegates indicated that they were probably going to skip the Convention in Charlotte in early September, if this meeting was any indication of how things were going to be run.

The net effect was anything but "party unity behind Obama." A majority of the members of the Platform Committee were clearly in favor of the Glass-Steagall amendment, judging from call-ups we did before the Detroit session and discussions we had during and after the meeting ended.

As LaRouche noted after receiving the early reports from Detroit, Obama the loser has intervened heavily to sabotage his own campaign. "It's a race to the bottom between Obama and Romney, and that race is too close to call."