Rachel Brown Presents Solutions to the Crisis in Debate with Joe Kennedy in 2 Debates
August 15, 2012 • 10:32AM

Rachel Brown, LaRouche slate candidate for Congress from Massachusetts's 4th CD, presented the ideas which dominated a cordial exchange of views with fellow Democratic candidates Joe Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy's grandson) and Herb Robinson. The debate was held Tuesday night before an audience of 300 at the university campus-based Martin Institute in Easton, MA, and was televised live.

The tone for the entire event was set by Rachel's response to the first question: What industry in the 4th District is the most important to revive for the area and national economies? Rachel presented the significance of the Curiosity landing and how it had opened a new era of optimism for the country, and said the historic Route 128 corridor and MIT, which were critical to the success of NASA's Apollo program, had to play a key role in the new economic revolution that now had to be organized.

In subsequent answers, Rachel presented LaRouche's entire three-point program for recovery, and why both Obama and Romney had to be removed as the two presidential candidates. She explained why only a total revolution in the world financial system could assure the country and the world's survival, and documented — once again — that Obamacare is modeled on Hitler's T4 program for genocide.

One highlight came towards the end of the debate, when the candidates were asked about the Simpson-Bowles budget plan. Kennedy, who had previously said he supported parts of what Simpson-Bowles proposed, since he was for "both cutting and spending," used the occasion to say he disagreed with them on Social Security, which he said should not be touched. Rachel stated that Simpson-Bowles is rightly known as the "Catfood Commission," because it will kill old people and is fascist. She instead proposed the outlook reflected by NAWAPA, and proceeded to read the letter sent by then Senator Robert Kennedy to Sen. Frank Moss, in support of NAWAPA.

That debate can be found here.

You can watch the second debate, held Thursday evening and hosted by New England Cable News in 3 parts, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 .

Then, a final debate, between candidate Herb Robinson and Rachel Brown on Fall River TV can be watched here.

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