Prime Minister Singh Announces Mars Mission
August 16, 2012 • 8:06AM

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced yesterday that India will send a spaceship to Mars to collect important scientific information.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 66th Independence Day, Singh said the mission to Mars would mark a huge step for the country in science and technology.

"Recently, the Cabinet has approved the Mars Orbiter Mission. Under this mission, our spaceship will go near Mars and collect important scientific information," he said. "This spaceship to Mars will be a huge step for us in the area of science and technology."

Singh congratulated scientists and technologists who have enhanced the prestige of the country by successfully testing the Agni V Missile and launching the RISAT-I Satellite in space this year. India will be the sixth country to launch a mission to Mars, after the U.S., Russia, Europe, Japan and China.