LaRouche Show Panel: 'Curiosity' Has Raised the Flag for Humanity
August 19, 2012 • 8:36PM

Ben Deniston (LPAC R&D Basement Team) kicked off the discussion on the August 18th LaRouche Show, the Saturday weekly EIR Online web radio program, by presenting two options before us: We can proceed, according to our nature as a human species, as a force in the universe, pressing ahead with revolutionary scientific work, or we can succumb to the pathway toward chaos, collapse and warfare, enforced by the dead oligarchy, through the likes of Obama. The success of the Curiosity science laboratory on Mars is a blow against doom, and a call to expand our self-conception as human beings. We must set aside Obama, and get on with life.

This was taken up, in many aspects, in the further dialogue with Bill Jones (EIR, Washington, D.C.), Ulf Sandmark (LaRoucherörelsen i Sverige-EAP, Sweden), and host Marcia Merry Baker, in particular, with updates on Arctic development, as part of a policy of cooperation with Russia and other nations for advancement, not devolution and thermonuclear war.

Deniston, speaking of the repeated Russian proposal for an Strategic Defense of the Earth, SDE, program, gave a picture of asteroid and comet threats, what we want to investigate further, and what contingencies we can imagine for defense. Everything involves responding to new frontiers, just the opposite of the deadly greenie doctrine. Everything involves developing and deploying ever higher densities and organization of "fire" technologies.

Jones reviewed the Russian "New Frontier" of Arctic development. The idea is for a Northern Sea Route, and the creation of an "Arctic Mediterranean." Russia has designs for new fourth-generation ice-breakers. There are also rail plans for north-south links to connect the Arctic coast with the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Magistral lines to the south. There is an "Arctica" satellite system planned.

Just this past Tuesday, the Chinese icebreaker Xuelong, or "Snow Dragon," docked at Reykjavik, after traversing the Northern Sea Route for the first time in Chinese history, Jones reported [see slug]. This exemplifies the collaboration which must take place among nations, which means we must oust Obama. Chinese and Icelandic scientists will be working on polar and marine sciences, under a new Framework Agreement on Arctic Cooperation.

Sandmark further filled out this Arctic picture, including the ambitious role of Norway. Sandmark stressed the prominence in all this, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and expansion of science work generally. Deniston gave a short summary of the nature and importance of polar research on the spectra of light, intersecting the Earth at these regions.

In conclusion, Deniston called on people to position themselves on Mars, and from that vantage point, look out at the universe, and what there is to be investigated, keeping in mind that, the frontier on all these fronts, is the creative principle involved in the human species. Vernadsky decades ago, was looking at cosmic radiation, as a frontier investigation, and how it affects the biosphere. As Jones said, Vernadsky worked for 60 years under the Tsars and the Soviets, but he is still "living today," and still more relevant for the future.