"Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?" Paul Craig Roberts Issues an Alarm
August 19, 2012 • 8:08PM

Former Nixon Administration Treasury official Paul Craig Roberts, who has excoriated the Bush and Obama presidencies for their illegal wars and pointed to the need for Glass-Steagall, took up the danger of the U.S. push toward thermonuclear war in a column for counterpunch.com published Aug. 17. "Is Washington Deaf as Well as Criminal?", he asks, in his column entitled "Stumbling Towards Nuclear War?"

After attacking Netanyahu's "lust" for war, Roberts accuses "American neoconservatives" of being just as "crazed." He writes: "They believe in nuclear war and are itching to nuke some Muslim country and then get on to nuking Russia and China. It is amazing that no more than two or three dozen people have the fate of the entire world in their hands."

Substitute the British Empire and their tools like Obama for "American neoconservatives" (who, of course, are British tools), and he's got it right.

Roberts then, as if reading from EIR's Global Showdown Special Report, reviews the evidence from the mouths of the Russians—from Medvedev, to Putin, to Makarov—about how NATO's actions are leading directly to a thermonuclear confrontation. He goes back as far as 2006, quoting Russian President Vladimir Putin's warnings about the perverted U.S. policy under Bush, and now Obama.

He also notes that China has "caught on."

His conclusion is stark: "Washington will do what it can to assassinate Putin and effect regime change through the Russian 'opposition' that Washington funds. Failing that, Washington's pursuit of world hegemony has run up against a brick wall. If the fools in Washington with their hubris-inflated egos don't back off, that mushroom cloud they have been warning about will indeed blossom over Washington."