Midwest Farm Counties: No Crop, No Shipping, No Recourse, No Food
August 19, 2012 • 8:19PM

A LaRouchePAC activist in Tennessee, whose family has farmland, passed along reports of the growing desperation, that things are "so bad, it's on the verge of starvation." He described conditions in southwestern Tennessee. Farmers have no money to repair farm equipment; the drought means no shipping; the crops are gone. You can't buy seed. Everyone is liquidating, and squeezing whatever cash they can out of banks. Farm workers are "sitting under the trees eating Spam."

The activist was recently in Arkansas, where he said, it's the same. Everyone is selling off assets, cashing out of banks. "It's all over," he repeatedly said.

In a mockery of this reality, a food-relief drive, to aid the rural hungry of Iowa, is being conducted at next week's outdoor Farm Progress Show, in Boone, Iowa, which is a large-attendance annual event, to show off big agricultural equipment, seeds, chemical products, etc. As the August 17th press release from the Progress Show sponsors reported, "Monsanto and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation [Warren's son] have teamed up to help feed Iowa's hungry with the America's Farmers Food Drive." They will donate a dollar for every pound of food which fair attendees bring and contribute.

The official statistics are that one in seven rural residents in the United States is now in need of food aid.