Is Israel Preparing a Ground Assault on Iran?
August 18, 2012 • 8:26PM

According to an article quoted in the Indian news daily The Times of India on its front page, an unnamed British official said that "We know the Israelis have been active in the Iraq desert, it would appear preparing forward bases for a ground assault. Bombing Iranian nuclear installations will most likely be a part of their plan, but the only way to confirm they have destroyed what they need to is to put boots on the ground.... It is a very big concern. Iran would have to retaliate, putting the region into an extremely dangerous situation," he added.

The article also said Israel is preparing for a ground attack on Iran before Christmas, after conducting commando dry runs in the Iraq desert.

Meanwhile, in Israel, the Netanyahu-Barak duo's bellicose stance against Iran's nuclear program has sparked a pushback in Israeli society. More than 400 Israelis, including prominent academics, have signed an online petition appealing to Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pilots to disobey any orders to bomb Iran. "You have the option of saying 'No,'" the petition addressed to the pilots reads, according to the daily Ha'aretz. "Certainly, this is not a simple option. It involves profound professional and moral dilemmas, and carries the risk of losing a career which is important to you and also the possibility of being prosecuted. Nevertheless, it is your duty to consider most carefully and seriously the possibility that by saying the little word 'No,' you will be rendering an important and vital service to the State of Israel and all who live here."