Bibi's Plan B is for Global War: Attack on Lebanon
August 20, 2012 • 10:00AM

Middle East sources warn that Israel has put together operational plans to bomb Lebanon back to the Stone Age, regardless of whether or not Netanyahu and Barak order an attack on Iran before the U.S. elections in November. According to the sources, there is far more of a consensus within the Israeli defense and intelligence establishment for action against Hezbollah in Lebanon than there is for military action against Iran, which is opposed by U.S. and Israeli military. Since Israel failed to defeat Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon war, Hezbollah has amassed an estimated 40-50,000 missiles and rockets that can reach targets inside Israel.

Clearly there is growing concern about such an Israeli attack on Lebanon. Hezbollah leader Sheik Nasrallah issued a warning on Saturday that an attack on Lebanon would be "very, very, very costly" for Israel. "We can turn the lives of millions of Israelis in occupied Palestine into real Hell. The Israelis must realize that the cost of an aggression on Lebanon will be very high and cannot be compared to the cost of war in 2006."

Lyndon LaRouche commented Sunday that the entire situation in the region is so fragile that any one of a number of actions could trigger a regional war, leading to global thermonuclear conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked to meet with President Obama when he is in the U.S. to address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 27. According to news reports, an Obama-Netanyahu meeting is scheduled to take place in Washington on Oct. 1. While some news reports in Israel suggest that this means Netanyahu will not order an attack on Iran or Lebanon before the meeting, any such assumption would be foolish.