New Syrian Envoy Wants Iran Included in Peace Effort
August 20, 2012 • 10:02AM

Algerian Lakhdar Brahimi, the new United Nations envoy for Syria, told Associated Press in an Aug. 19 interview that he very much looks forward to including Iran in the efforts to bring peace to war-torn Syria. "Iran is an important country in the region and definitely I'll be very happy to talk to them," he told AP.

These statements have not endeared him to the British puppetmasters who intend to engulf the entire region in murderous sectarian warfare. Brahimi has already come under fire from the Syrian National Council for saying it is too soon to call for Bashar al-Assad to step down.

Brahimi explained that former envoy Kofi Annan's mission failed because the "international community was not as supportive as he needed them to be...the problem is not what I can do differently, it is how others are going to behave differently," he said. "If they spoke in one voice and were clearly supportive of what I will be doing on their behalf, that is what I need."

Peace, Brahimi stated, "will be made by the Syrians. At the end of the day, it is not the mediator and not the Security Council. If the Syrians realize they need to move away from confrontation toward peaceful solutions, that will help too." He underscored that military intervention "is not supported by all," continuing, "I'm a peacemaker. By definition, if I start speaking about military intervention, that is recognizing a failure, not a personal failure, but a failure of the peace process."