Kesha Rogers: The Two Parties of the Apocalypse
August 23, 2012 • 11:15AM

By announcing his intent on August 20, 2012, to unilaterally invade Syria, President Obama has yet again confirmed my warnings that this British-led, war-driven puppet must be immediately tossed out of the White House, in order to avoid the unleashing of his intended, general thermonuclear war. Sounding this alarm, and offering qualified policy solutions, has been a key aspect of my two campaigns for U.S. Congress, and a sign of my unswerving commitment to uphold the laws of our nation and the world, refusing to be intimidated by party thugs or populist gossip. It is why I’ve won my nomination as a LaRouche Democrat twice, despite all odds.

Most of you reading this, already know Obama has committed gross violations of the U.S. Constitution and international law, and that Romney-Ryan is no alternative. But the difference is that most people lack the guts to actually fight to win; the population lacks a quality of commitment to win this political war on our Constitution, and act now to save civilization from a hellish nightmare of destruction. They say, “We fought yesterday, and didn’t win yet. Today we have to settle for the catch-22. Yes, it’s bad. But it’s not that bad; it’s not so bad that I actually have to fight Obama. Don’t you know I might get killed if I fight him?” Listen buddy, if you’re in warfare, or something tantamount to warfare, you don’t take that intimidation for one moment! You don’t back down for one moment for somebody trying to push you around!

After the illegal toppling of Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi, my campaign, in coordination with LaRouche PAC and the slate of LaRouche Democrats, have mobilized through Christmas 2011 to this day, that Obama intends to do the same in Syria and Iran, leading inevitably to an all out confrontation in the region, involving Russia and China, and thermonuclear weapons. Responding to our mobilization, Rep. Walter Jones introduced HCR 107, to impeach any president that goes to war without consent of Congress, as a clear violation of the Constitution, and senior military officials in the United States, Russia, China, and Israel, have all come out against such bloodshed. We need you to join our fight, by forcing Congress to reconvene and pass HCR 107 immediately, followed by our recovery platform.

Are you desperately trying to ignore this reality? Your survival depends on you fighting now, to tell the truth boldly and unequivocally: Obama is a mad man! Just as Lyndon LaRouche warned in his April 11, 2009 statement, Obama is a killer, Nero-type personality. He is pushing Hitler’s policies. Are you still intimidated by the reality of the mustache? Cut it out! The threat of thermonuclear war is real, and each day Obama remains in office, the greater that threat becomes reality.

We must be aware of these intimidation factors and control them, and accept the fact that they exist, but don’t submit to them. Then you will have the guts to fight as a true patriot, for the needed solutions. First order of business: toss Obama out, and that nitwit Romney will have nothing to campaign on. Any candidate qualified for president, will be fighting for the three step policy platform of Glass-Steagall, national banking, and an internal improvements program, typified by NAWAPA 21 and NASA. Essential in this last point, is collaboration with Russia and China in the combined SDI-SDE programs, of eliminating the threat of thermonuclear war with defensive beam weapons, and the Strategic Defense of Earth from space-based threats, such as impacts by asteroids and coronal mass ejections. We can remove Obama, and start to build the needed collaboration with Russia, China, and other nations, to end the threat of thermonuclear confrontation, and develop peaceful resolutions to fulfill the common aims of mankind.

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