Time to Get New Presidential Candidates

The United States has got to get a new Democratic Presidential candidate right away, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized today. Barack Obama's continuing occupancy of the White House has brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war, and--through his arrogant opposition to Glass-Steagall--into the greatest financial meltdown the planet has ever seen.

Now, Obama is conniving with his British controllers to launch yet another war, this time in Syria, in clear violation of the Constitution. As LaRouche PAC warned in the mass leaflet circulated on Capitol Hill and across the country in yesterday's Day of Action in D.C.:

"What is being played out is what Lyndon LaRouche has asserted since spring 2009: Obama is an Emperor Nero personality. He is moving toward thermonuclear war, which may be the extinction of civilization itself... What are you waiting for? You, as a citizen, at any price, even your election, or your party, must act toward the removal of Obama from office, before he gets us all killed. Congress must reconvene, pass HCR 107, and defuse this bomb."

LaRouche today again called on the U.S. Congress to reconvene immediately, before it is too late. They must promptly pass HCR 107, which reiterates the Constitutional policy that it is an {impeachable crime} for the President to launch a war without express approval of the Congress. And they must pass FDR's original Glass-Steagall with equal urgency, as the necessary first step to solve the global economic crisis.

We need new candidates for President now, LaRouche stated. Obama is a danger to our species; and Romney again showed his utter incompetence by rejecting the need to return to Glass-Steagall. He is either lying, or more stupid than I thought he was, LaRouche commented. Does he really think that the U.S. can survive without Glass-Steagall?

Neither of the current candidates represents the human race, and we have to have one that does, LaRouche said. This has become especially urgent, since the human race is now on Mars!

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