Bill Roberts on Obama's Threat to Syria

Bill Roberts, member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee

On April 11th, 2009 Lyndon LaRouche identified newly-elected President Barack Obama as a “failed personality.” This assessment of Obama, which few understood or accepted at the time, meant that Nero-like Obama, if not removed or brought under control, would be used as a puppet to carry out unbelievable acts of mass genocide on behalf of the British monetary-financial system elites. LaRouche then also warned quite prophetically, at the time of the execution of Libya's head of state Gaddafi, that the next target after Libya would be the nation of Syria, as a flash-point for confrontation with China and Russia. In fact, that thermonuclear chicken game is playing out as we speak.

This past week, with Congress home on recess, Obama issued a casus belli against Syria. The same flimsy pretext that was used to unilaterally launch a war against Iraq – weapons of mass destruction – is now being used to go to war with Syria. Top Russian officials, all the way up to Prime Minister Medvedev, have warned that such an invasion would be considered a violation of national sovereignty, a violation which would not be tolerated by the Russians, and would therefore immediately lead to broader regional wars and even nuclear war.

For those of you who have agreed that Obama's predator drone assassin programs, illegal war against Libya, and multi-trillion dollar bank bailouts are insane, but still refused to lift a finger to throw Obama out, it is time to come to grips both with reality and your own cowardly persistence in not facing it: either Obama is removed now, or mankind faces probable extermination through the after-effects of the launching of thermonuclear war.

Throughout the course of my campaign as candidate for U.S. Congress in Michigan's 11th district, I along with the entire slate of LaRouche Democrats across the country, warned of this danger repeatedly, and called upon Congress to pass Rep. Walter Jones' H.C.R. 107, to lay the basis for Obama's impeachment for going to war without Congressional authorization.

I insisted on the need to implement the only competent program for organizing a full economic recovery of the U.S. – the three-fold LaRouche economic recovery platform. This would end the disastrous bank bailouts of Paulson and Geithner, reserving credit issuance for committing the national economy to a breakout of productive industrial and infrastructure-building activity, gainfully re-employing millions of Americans.

I also insisted that dumping Obama, in favor of collaboration with Russia and other world powers on Russia's proposed Strategic Defense of Earth program, was the means by which to avoid the possibility of thermonuclear war, in favor of the pursuit of the common aims of mankind – peaceful scientific and economic development here on earth and in space. The recent first successes of NASA's Curiosity science lab demonstrates the feasibility and unlimited potential of this approach.

These options still exist today. Returning to Glass Steagall, the first step in the three-fold LaRouche slate economic platform, enjoys more support today than it ever has, except from the inner circles of Obama, who recently intervened to sabotage an amendment to the Democratic Party Platform at a meeting in Detroit, an amendment which otherwise enjoyed broad support among Democratic delegates. Obama should be replaced as the Democratic nominee for President tomorrow, and a candidate can easily be found who is committed to these policies and can defeat the Romney-Ryan duo of horror.

“Oh, that will never happen!” you might say. Not only could it happen, but if you value your life, you must fight to make sure it does happen. The fact that such a break with Obama is already occurring among regular Democratic voters was demonstrated by what happened in the Democratic Primary for Michigan's 11th Congressional district just two weeks ago. I received 41% percent of the vote in a two-way race that was being openly portrayed by local media outlets as a referendum on Obama's removal.

So, you really have no excuse for cowardice. It's a miracle that Obama is still President after the litany of high crimes and acts of tyranny he has committed. If we deserve a better future we will fight now to bring it about.

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