"We Are Due For a Miracle; Let's Create It"
August 23, 2012 • 11:13PM

by David Christie (WA), member of the LaRouche National Candidates Slate

From sea to shining sea, Americans are now asking, “Obama or Romney… who is the lesser of two evils?” While the debates may rage and tempers may flare, in the end it will have been a mere passionless charade to pass the time; just one more form of delusion to avoid the horror of a reality they are trying to forget. Meanwhile, Obama is now openly threatening Syria, echoing the phrase of “weapons of mass destruction” as a reminder of the wasted lives and resources of the useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan of the last decade. Russia and China continue to make it clear that this war goes beyond Syria; that it is a violation of national sovereignty and international law, and could lead to larger regional wars, “including and up to the use of nuclear weapons”. That fact is now increasingly being discussed more openly, such as Paul Craig Robert’s recent piece where he mentions various factions who are pushing for nuclear war with Russia and China.

Throughout the course of my congressional campaign, I laid out the clear alternative to this onrushing world war: remove Obama, and implement the only path to peace through economic development and cooperation among nations. The American people, and the institutions that are supposed to represent them, heard the platform of our national slate, which represented a real presidential policy organized in collaboration with Lyndon LaRouche. There was wide agreement on our single integrated policy of Glass- Steagall, a national credit system, and NAWAPA XXI. But when it came to the need to remove Obama and his Hitler moustache, the refrain was often the same, “That is over the top.”

It is now clear that the only thing that is “over the top” is the delusion and cowardice of our society. The Congress and many of our institutions refused to fight Obama on his Hitler healthcare program, his police state measures within the NDAA, and his assassination of American citizens by predator drones without due process. They refused to fight him on his illegal invasion of Libya that flagrantly violated the Constitution and its separation of powers. They refused to fight him as he shut down the drive for Glass- Steagall, to protect his masters in the British financial oligarchy who control the international banking syndicate that launders the drug money used to finance the terrorists involved in Obama’s destabilization operations on his path to war. The national slate and our fellow revolutionaries in Washington DC led a fight to keep the Congress in session, to pass Glass- Steagall and prevent Obama from starting this war. Yet again, the Congress buckled under pressure from Obama, and skipped town to leave our nation in the danger of Obama’s “guns of August”.

We of the national LaRouche Slate have some very sincere advice for Congress: “Get your asses back to D.C., and impeach him!” The evidence piles up that Obama is already directly organizing for war with Syria, including financial and intelligence support for the terrorist networks in Syria. Not only that, but he has also been identified by qualified networks within Israel as “leading from behind” in organizing for an Israeli strike on Iran. This can only lead to nuclear war. We must remove Obama now, and pass Glass- Steagall as the first step for dealing with the disintegration of the global financial system, currently being led by the meltdown of the Euro system. It is this financial disintegration which is pushing a lunatic faction within the British financial oligarchy to launch a thermonuclear strike on Russia and China as the only way to preserve their dying transatlantic financial system.

Once Obama goes, and Glass- Steagall is implemented, there will be little that stands in the way of humanity opening up a new era of scientific and technological progress. That is what the recent landing of the Curiosity Rover signals, even despite Obama’s attempts to destroy NASA. We should be working with other nations on space exploration and defense. We should take up the offer of the Russians to cooperate on the Strategic Defense of the Earth (SDE), which not only takes up the mantle of LaRouche’s SDI, but also creates defensive systems for asteroids and other space debris. This will be our mission once Obama is removed. Let us move now to get him out before the Democratic National convention to get a real candidate in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. We are due for a miracle, let’s create it.

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