Rachel Brown: Remove Obama to Prevent Thermonuclear War

Rachel Brown, member of the LaRouche national slate and currently active candidate for the September 6th Congressional primary elections upcoming in the 4th district of Massachusetts, posted the following on her website www.rachelforcongress.com:

With President Obama's Aug. 20th publicly stated threat to invade Syria, should they cross a certain "red line," as well as Sen. Kerry's recent public support for arming the rebels in Syria, the smell of thermonuclear war is in the air. This is not, however, merely a Syrian-based conflict, as the media might have you believe. The confrontation can be more clearly seen to be between Russia and China on the one side, and Obama's British-run United States on the other, and is careening toward a breaking point which could occur at any moment. The likely result of this confrontation is thermonuclear war; that is, unless this current war-drive is intervened on by heroic political leadership in the United States, including that of the U.S. population, demanding Obama's removal.

British-puppet Obama, in his drive to overthrow the leader of a sovereign nation, is clearly violating the U.N. Charter, article 2(4), on the prohibition of the threat and use of force in international relations, and the basic principle of international law, which prohibits interference into the domestic affairs of another state. Parallels to George Bush's Iraqi "weapons of mass destruction" are clear, and Russia and China have repeatedly made the point, that "missile and bomb democracy" is a violation of national sovereignty, as first demonstrated in Libya. LaRouche warned then that the killing of Qaddafi was ordered by Obama in order to keep the war path going, ultimately aimed at forcing Russia and China into submitting to world dictatorship, under the threat of thermonuclear war, as is being played out today. LaRouche's warning in 2009 that Obama is a carbon-copy of the Roman Emperor Nero, who was willing to kill and destroy his own nation because of his failed, Narcissistic personality, is also shown to be precisely on mark, as the cause of Obama's insane actions today.

Another clear violation of international law, was the license issued last month by the Treasury Department for the U.S.-based Syrian Support Group, enabling it to provide financial aid to the terrorist-sponsoring Free Syrian Army. Sen. Kerry, a hypocrite and a fraud, was asked whether such a license-- permitting money to be sent to insurgents working to topple a sovereign government-- was lawful. Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, refused to answer, but issued instead a statement in support of the license. Sen. Kerry is expressing the same type of treason seen last year in his paving the way for Obama's illegal and unconstitutional Libya, when he issued a resolution in support of the war as guise for Congressional support. Not leaving any question to where his heart, and missing soul, now belongs, Kerry recently interrupted a public speaking engagement to take a call from the Queen, being overheard by reporters and audience saying, "Yes, your majesty." Should Obama follow through with an attack on Syria, Kerry will be equally guilty of violations of international law.

I, as a LaRouche Democratic candidate for Congress, have been campaigning for Obama's removal, since 2010. This must now be done, before the Democratic nominating convention, so Obama can be replaced with a viable candidate who will enact the needed measures to reverse the collapse of the economy, as I've proposed. Romney, who couldn't win against anybody but Obama, will be shown as the empty-suit fool he is, and a more respectable Republican candidate will have to be chosen.

With Obama removed, we could negotiate with Russia and China, over a peaceful resolution to the U.S.-British-Saudi sponsored attack on Syria. Even more importantly, we could establish the basis for a lasting peace, and proceed with the Russian invitation for joint collaboration on a Strategic Defense of the Earth, a Russian proposal which takes up where Ronald Reagan's offer of an SDI left off. Instead of heading to war, as the insane President Obama and his facilitator Kerry want, we could engage in scientific cooperation for the good of mankind.

I call for an immediate reconvening of Congress, to pass Rep. Walter Jones' H.C.R. 107, which would make it an impeachable offense-- by applying the U.S. Constitution-- were Obama to launch an offensive military action against Syria, without approval by the U.S. Congress. Any patriot, citizen or elected official, who does not make sure that Obama does not become president, could be responsible for the loss of civilization. It is not enough to complain, or "to be on the same side," as many claim to be, because these are simply forms of capitulation. We must act now, with the urgency of warfare, to remove Obama before the Convention, and I pledge myself to lead that drive.

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