The Mind of Man, On Mars
August 23, 2012 • 11:20PM

Rachel Brown, member of the LaRouche national slate and currently active candidate for the September 6th Congressional primary elections upcoming in the 4th district of Massachusetts, posted the following on her website

Despite the boundaries of cultural pessimism which say that we can not know and can not do, mankind just achieved a breakthrough. After the NASA rover "Curiosity" landed successfully on Mars, with a variety of high-grade instruments, we no longer remain simply an earth-based species. Now, mankind functionally occupies a far greater extent of the solar system. Albeit our current occupant on Mars is not quite human, it is still very much as if a living person themselves were on Mars, in the form of a high-tech science laboratory. The rover's operational team, located at JPL, acts essentially as one mind, coordinating to tell the rover where to go and what to investigate, dictating to the instruments on the rover, much as a single human mind controls the sense organs and motor faculties on the human biological apparatus.

We are now given a demonstration for better insight into the human mind, as the mind is demonstrated to be separable from the biological sensual apparatus. In a place mankind has yet to reach with his body, our mind is already active, distant only by lapse of time of the speed of light, showing us a new perspective of ourselves which we couldn't access from Earth, but can, from Mars.

In addition to being granted this deeper insight into the human mind, with a presence on Mars we also have a better positioning for physical defense of mankind's existence from galactic threats, such as from an asteroid collision, comet, or whatever other forces, likely galactic in nature, were responsible for wiping out the majority of life on Earth several times before within the planet's history. High-class solar flares have been demonstrated to pose an existential threat to the entire planet's communications and power grid, virtually unprotected right now. An asteroid, the likes of which wiped out 800 square kilometers of Siberian forest earlier this century, and which enters our atmosphere in smaller sizes up to 30 times a year, could be altered in trajectory by just a slight intervention at the distance of the Mars orbit, enough to deflect it from collision with Earth. We can now begin to study the history of the solar system and it's galactic influences from a new vantage point on another planet, with a related, but slightly different history, using those differences to have better insight into causes of the development of life, the atmosphere, and other processes yet unknown to us. That should be how we see Mars and the present expedition of Curiosity there now. Hopefully, soon, other planets can be used in this process as well; acting as what could be called a different instrumentation, providing us a new perspective on our own home planet, as well as of the universe in which we live.

This was the mission of John F. Kennedy. It is not, however, the mission of Obama. Obama, in continuously pushing cuts to NASA's budget, attacking the research programs for fusion energy such as the fusion facility at MIT, and in issuing claims that we shouldn't go the moon because "we've been there before," has made himself an enemy to mankind's necessary development. The last man on the moon, Eugene Cernan, made the strong point, "I don't think [Obama] understands what America [is] and what the traditions have been, and what being the leader of the free world has meant to the people of this country," and, "I don't think Obama wants America to be first." This, among other reasons, is why Obama must not be allowed to become the Democratic nominee at this year's Democratic convention and removed from office as soon as possible. A real program for survival, including cooperation with other nations towards the common aims of mankind, led by the United States on behalf of our demonstrated track-record, must be adopted. We've achieved one victory for mankind, but we must act now, as LaRouche has called for, to ensure the next.

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